Crochet Pictures/Projects Shared Here

I’m starting this topic but forgive me if it’s already here. I couldn’t find it. :{

I love to see what others have done, giving me inspiration and ideas especially about color combinations. I seem to be color challenged! Yep, beige on beige seems to be my favorite.

Here’s a little baby blanket I recently did. I found the granny pattern on youtube by Marinella marfu6A (sorry I can’t find the link but she has lots of patterns on youtube). I wanted to use up some leftovers of some #3 DK weight yarn and this pattern helped. It really reduced my bits and pieces. I used the baby yellow color to tie it all together as well as to join the squares.

The join I used was Lyza Walters (youtube) She doesn’t speak but her video is very clear.

I liked this pattern because I don’t like holes or a lacy look for babies or children. I’m a worry wort I guess and I think of those tiny fingers getting caught up in a blanket. This made a pretty solid piece of fabric so I was happy with it.

My preferred method of joining is to join strips first and then join the strips to each other. I really like this join because it makes the back look good too and once you get the hang of it (rhythm) it goes pretty quickly. It’s a good solid join for a blanket that may be handled a bit roughly, like a child might.

Here is the front, the back and a close-up. The border is a simple DC all the way around. It is being donated to a Native American Tribe which is where most of my knitting and crocheting goes these days.

I hope that others will share their work with us here in this one spot.

Granny Baby Blanket Close up Corner and Join.jpg

Granny Baby Blanket RS.jpg

Granny Baby Blanket WS.jpg

Wow! This is spectacular.

This is beautiful! :slight_smile:

I was working on this and finished it last week. Not nearly as colorful, but good. :slight_smile:


What pretty colors! I think you and I are on the same page for crochet holes in baby blankets. They just don’t belong there sometimes. I get requests from new Mom’s and some of them specifically ask for no holes.

Whoever gets this blanket is going to be snuggly warm this winter!

@Char Great job! It’s very striking in it’s simplicity. I don’t mean that it wasnt an effort to make, but the pattern and colors you used make it a real standout. What join did you use? Was this the one you only had a few days to complete? or you had to finish before starting a new one that you had to finish within days. I can’t find the other thread where you let us know about it, but I seem to remember.
Thanks for sharing it Char.
I hope that others share their work as well.

If you are referring to my baby blanket, no, I wouldn’t call it spectacular, but it is a great use of scraps and I think it is pretty. When I see what others have done or are doing, I’m almost embarrassed to put anything of mine up here. But I want to encourage more use of this site and getting to know each other and the types of things we are doing.

Selfishly, I also want to learn and I find that youtube and potentially this site, can help me improve.

I thank you for your comment and look forward to seeing what you have been up to…handiwork, of course! :]

I still think it’s pretty spectacular, I don’t crochet and love the stitches in blankets. It is a great use of scraps as well because it doesn’t look like that’s what it is.

I love this.

I did this one in 10 days - I put down the other one to start this one. I am sorely behind on that one. :slight_smile: I used the join you shared for your bee hive blanket :-). It is my new go-to!

Thank you for the compliments!

@FreedomLover Thanks for the compliment.

Are you a knitter? Like so many others of my generation, I’m an equal opportunity crafter; kntting, crocheting, needlepoint, rug hooking, yarn dying, embroidering, quilting, sewing, etc. I seem to go in and out of interests with crocheting my go to of the moment. That doesn’t mean I don’t scout Pinterest for new ideas in other crafts just in case I want to get into those again.

I have so much yarn and yarn scraps that I am always looking for ways to use them up. I don’t really like to do the same pattern over and over again, even the same technique, hence so many leftovers. That being said, I think I have enough to do another one of these and I may just do that next…after finishing the C2C that is half way done.

I knit/crochet mainly for donation these days as my kids are grown, my grandkids on their way and everyone has what they want already.

Yes, knitting is my go to hobby, I also quilt, make project bags and totes, and recently learned to weave.

Ah knitting. I do love to do that as well. Weaving? Admire it a lot, but one I’ve never tried unless you count those potholders we all made as kids on that metal loom. :}

Some day…

Until recently I thought I’d need a floor loom or table loom to weave and they’re way outside of my budget, when I heard portable loom I thought of those same potholders. Thanks to Fiberkind I became aware of the rigid heddle loom and am having fun learning how to weave with it.

Came across this a while back. Always wanted to try. Maybe if this quarantine lasts much longer, I just might.…index=29&t=89s

I also always lave too much leftover yarn as I tend to buy more than I need. A few early projects where I underestimated causes me to get extra now. I also tend to start with a general idea and revise it as I go which is hard to estimate.

I sometimes make a matching pillow. This one has a teal back with a two button envelope flap. I forgot to get a picture of the back though.


That’s beautiful!. I like how you set it at the angle too. I like your choice of colors, but I can’t work with dark colors anymore, especially black, but red, grey, white and black are a favorite color combo for me.

I’m with you. Ran out of yarn once and that’s all it took. Now I buy more than I need each project but that leaves me with lots and lots of leftovers.

Do you have the pattern for this one? Can you share it? Not sure how it would look as a scrappy block, but I’m looking for one that will be more masculine, you know, without a flower center look to it. This one is more square and more structured so it might work. My next project is for a Tribal Elder or Vet and they are generally males sometimes in wheel chairs.

Very pretty!

@susanwayne & @FreedomLover.

Let me look for what I might have used for a pattern or as inspiration. I’m more apt to see something and attempt something similar.

I have a very hard time with dark colors as well but can sometimes get through. I make lap blankets for the elderly in Care Centers so have done quite a few masculine ones. Let me see if I can find a few options for you. Going hunting now.


Here is the pattern for the square. I’m going back for a couple more that might work for you.

I’ve used this one but modified it to eliminate the spaces.

I know you like free patterns and this one is a paid one but I got feedback that the recipient really liked the texture and the pattern it made. I’ve made it a couple of times now.

@pinesprairie Thank you so much! I still like yours and I appreciate the link to the pattern. Not sure if I can use it for a scrappy look as it may just look too messy, but I’ll give it a try. As to the second one? I kind of want something with harder edges, no rounded parts, but for another time, I’ve saved it as at least it’s not a flower center.

Yes, you are right about my preferring free patterns though. I admire those who take the time to devise, develop and then write down a pattern, but for me, I’d rather invest in the yarn which is costly enough these days. I tend to only make a pattern one time so the investment for the pattern adds to the total cost of just that one item. I wouldn’t even mind if you were allowed to pass the pattern on to someone else, but alas, you are not so there you are.

Maybe a designer could put the caveat in that if you are making something for donation, then it’s okay to share. Guess not though and I can understand and respect that.

Thanks again for digging out your pattern for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.