Crochet Hook Sizes

I needed a 4.25mm ‘G’ hook. I have lots of them. I have no idea of why, but there you are.

Here’s the thing though. I have the following all marked ‘G’

Boye 4.25mm
Susan Bates (USA) 4.25mm
Susan Bates (Mexico) 4.00mm

Say what? Note the 2 different sizes for the Susan Bates!

I haven’t checked any of the other sizes for such a discrepancy, but wondered if anyone else has come across this.

Yes, I have noticed this, too. It seems to depend on where they are made. Even hooks that are sold by size, e.g. in millimetres, can be thicker or thinner. In my experience, metal hooks from the Far East are thinner than wooden hooks from Europe, even though they are all supposed to be the same size. As for those cheap sets of bamboo hooks you get on Amazon and the like, your guess is as good as mine – I have given away several sets over the years and gone back to my old Millward metal hooks, some of which are older than me!

@WeeBizzom Thanks for the info. I guess in all my years (and there have been a lot of them!) of crocheting I never paid much attention to the mm size. I’d grab a G or H or whatever and run with it.

Oh yes, me too. I’ve learned to go by the mm rather than the letter/number as they seem to be closer in size although that also varies. I inherited my mothers hooks and they are different sizes than modern hooks. I think with all of the improvements (inline, shaft length, thumb rest placement, etc.) sizes varied more and more. And the handmade hooks? They really vary. Susan Bates redesigned her hooks years ago and when they started to be manufactured outside the US you could really tell. @WeeBizzom is right, they all vary depending on where they come from.