Craftvent 2019

Is anyone here doing Jimmy Beans Wool Craftvent 2019 Advent Calendar?

I did the KAL last year and I am doing it again this year. It’s so much fun. They also have the pattern in a CAL. This is how it works: They ship your box now and it begins December first. Each day you open a new part with luxurious yarn and instructions. Sometimes there are notions and other fun things included. You never know what each day will bring. Last year we made a beautiful shawl/scarf. My daughter-in-law gifted it to me for Christmas. What a sweetheart.

@Hellokitten - wow what a gift! And so much fun!!! The shawl looks absolutely beautiful!

I thought about trying to design an Advent scarf for a KAL, but haven’t gotten there. Maybe next year.

I hope others join in the fun!!!

This has me motivated to think maybe I can make one along of my own design???

This is what I get for teaching her to knit years ago :slight_smile:

I bet you could. The real fun is the daily calendar surprises. My daughter-in-law reuses the empty calendar the next year to make advent calendars for friends.

Do you know if the pattern will go on sale independently?

I think eventually it does, if it isn’t already. I never really looked into it… Some people mentioned on the fb page that last year’s pattern was available on Ravelry.

Tomorrow it starts! I hope you’ll share the progress as you go!

@Hellokitten have you started yet? :slight_smile:

Yes. Sorry, I’ve been out of town and playing catch-up will daily life. Part of our neighbors tree fell on our fence, you know those sort of things.

Day one we got some stitch markers, circular needles, a tiny notebook, and a small project bag.

Day 2 Was some beautiful soft fuzzy yarn in laceweight of silk and alpaca. Like a kitten ! Began knitting. Cast on 246 stitches.

Day three was tiny scissors, only two inches long!

Day four was a beautiful varigated yarn of fine superwash merino. The eyelet pattern began.

Day five is today, but I just woke up and haven’t looked yet. Also still finishing the last few rows of day 4.

I know I should post pics, but no time! Still trying to get the tre decorated and this morning we want to get the outdoor lights up while we have a weather break. Winter has arrived here. Winter here is rain and wind.

Well, I’ll look forward to pictures when you have time! :slight_smile:

Yes I find posting pictures difficult. I am determined to learn.

@Hellokitten - What are you using to access Fiberkind - phone, tablet, desktop? I used to use my phone for all my pictures but I use my tablet to read and post so I learned it is easiest to take pictures with my tablet.

I accidentally disabled the camera on my tablet. I need to have the boys fix it when they come for Christmas. Sometimes I feel so technologically helpless. I could probably figure it out if I had a couple of hours free time.

@Hellokitten - do you have an Android or iPad? Do you know how to go into your settings? It could be as simple as turning it back on. I have an Android phone and an iPad so I have had to figure both systems out. When I can’t figure out how to fix something, I just Google it. There are always explanations available.

I have an Android. Unfortunately I deleted the app somehow and will have to restore factory settings to get it back. It came preloaded.

@Hellokitten - Here is what a Google search found. It was a Q & A and the questioner loaned her phone to a friend for a few minutes.

I’d say your friend is making fun with you. If it’s a system app (and there’s usually a camera pre-installed that way), it cannot be uninstalled without root access (so you cannot have “accidentally uninstalled” those apps). He most likely disabled camera and gallery. [LIST=1]

  • Go to Settings → Apps
  • Select the "All" tab (to list pre-installed apps as well)
  • Scroll the list to find your camera app. Check whether it is marked "disabled".
    • if so: tap that entry, hit the "Enable" button, done.
  • Repeat previous step for your gallery app [/LIST] Hope this helps.
  • Aha! Thank you. I have made some progress with it now.

    @Hellokitten - we’re waiting for a picture to show you’re back in operation!

    Now I’m trying to remember how to post a picture. Sigh.