Cozy House Curios: an independent shop for finished products

Cozy House Curios originally began as a storefront on Etsy in 2014. The storefront still exists but last summer I set up an independent online store. It gave me much more freedom.

Here is a list of some of the things you may find there:

Waldorf-inspired dolls
custom dolls
Orthodox priest, monk, nun, and bishop dolls
crocheted censers (plus the pattern)
baby quilts
knit baby sets
knit/crocheted baby/baptismal blankets
knit hats, scarves, and shawls
reversible canvas project bags
Christmas and Easter/Pascha ornaments
crocheted red eggs with crosses
miscellaneous soft housewares
knit and crochet stuffed animals
microknit/crochet miniatures
other dollhouse miniatures
custom work

Everything I make is from my own patterns and I guarantee the uniqueness and high quality of my work. I have had nothing but 5 star reviews ever since I set up shop in 2014. Come have a look around!