Comments on Patterns

I’m not sure what to write about this. I have just finished a sock pattern and want some place to make comments on it for anyone else who might be making it. Are we eventually going to have a pattern database where people can comment on how they made their own, or should I just create a “project” page on the blogs?

The blogs are ok for now, but It would be fantastic to be able to easily see all projects connected to a pattern so that we can easily share our comments and notes. I don’t know how to answer your question other than I think it’s a good idea to make a project blog page for it and make sure to include the pattern name and maybe a link to the pattern.

annekepoot … maybe if you start a group/blog called Finished Project/My Opinion.
I like to know the good/bad points a person has with a pattern.
Just my opinion. :):slight_smile:

Other than sending to designer of pattern… Not sure.
Sometimes the designer has a blog they posted pattern or link to buy pattern… Maybe you can comment there

@knitterlady13 and @lorrie Hmm - this seems to be above my computer pay grade. I tried the blog option and thought it would be similar to just typing like in the forums but it appears I have to upload something. I’m wary of creating a group unless someone else does it for me as I wouldn’t even be able to know how to upload a nice “cover” picture - I’d be happy to add my comments on the pattern, though. For now, I am going the old pen and paper route and making a binder of my projects with all the pertinent information. Feel sad that I didn’t do something about printing out my 100+ projects from R but deemed it too much work, and mostly socks at any rate. I think I’m mostly missing the yarn information and needle size information and my project notes.

@annekepoot You don’t have to upload anything unless you want an avatar/icon for your blog. You can leave that blank and just make separate blog listings for each project. The project blogs are different than groups, so no worries on that. Of course, pen and paper works too. Please let me know if you decide you want to start a blog and want any help uploading a photo. I noticed that the pics have to be pretty small on the blog icons.

I tried it (and didn’t go past the “Upload” last time as I thought I had to upload something) and I think I’ve got it down. The only thing I need to change is the blog title and the topic title are the same which I’m not sure how to change. Oh, well. Doesn’t matter.

@annekepoot Just go to your main blog page. Click the little gear icon that sits under where the picture would appear. (That’s to the right of where it says “about this blog”.) Choose “general settings”. You can change your blog name on the page you get by clicking that.

I know the site is new, but I am also wondering if there is a plan to eventually have a pattern database and a yarn database. @Admin?

There is, we just have to be patient.

Yarn/Stash DB is in the works I’ve been working on the fields with the Stash group and I’ve been developing the API in the evenings. Pattern DB should be a bit quicker once I have all the groundwork for the stash project laid out.

Do you still have a life, Admin? Don’t let us be the cause of neglecting your loved ones - we can be patient for all these wonderful things to roll out.

@annekepoot Well said!

Some days I balance better than others :slight_smile: