I’m looking for other ColourMart fans…

I washed a couple of 2/28 cashmere items the exact same way and the results were quite different.

The gauge and color were the only difference between the items - same pattern, used a US4 for one and a US5 for the other producing a slightly different sized item. One was blue, the other coral. The blue one is super soft and fuzzy, the coral one is a lot less fuzzy. Both are fine and useable and I like the results.

My question is why did they respond so differently to the wash?

@EllenDeKnitter - I haven’t used ColourMart yarn but I bought Jaggerspun on cones and there was a drastic difference in the yarn on different cones - different colors. I made dog sweaters. One made a beautiful sweater that has washed well. The other made a limp sweater. Like you, I used a slightly bigger needle on one and it was the limp one. Maybe that yarn just needed a really tight gauge.

Do you think the different color dyes has anything to do with it @lovestostitch ?

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a good reason. Maybe it is a different batch of wool. We were talking on today’s Zoom call about how some skeins of a brand of yarn are itchy and others aren’t. Many woolmyarns don’t say what breed of sheep they use. Maybe it’s a mix and you get more of one breed or another in different skeins.