Christmas Lace: knitting: socks: Baad Wolf Knits: FINAL!

Pattern done! Testing complete. Final edits commencing. Still can’t edit title.

Cables and lace. Women’s medium. Deadline: October 17th.

Very pretty!!

@BaadWolfKnits - Is this completely test knit? You might tag your testers to post their comments here so they are all in one spot, along with final photos. Let me know if I need to change your heading to FINAL! :):cool:

@BaadWolfKnits the Christmas Lace Socks were a pleasure to knit :relaxed:. Is there something I should have done to make my test “final?”?

@knitter131 - here is the info you need to post for: [LIST=1]

  • Testers should post the following summary after being completion:[LIST=1]
  • Final staged photo
  • Which material used
  • How much material used
  • Estimated time taken
  • Difficulty rating of design [/LIST] [/LIST]
  • Post it here!!! :heart:

    I’ve completed the test of the Christmas Lace Socks, and I’m providing the following information: [LIST=1]

  • Final staged photo (attached)
  • Which material used:. Regia Silk
  • How much material used:. 72 grams
  • Estimated time taken: 18 hours
  • Difficulty rating of design: Intermediate [/LIST]


  • @BaadWolfKnits - I fixed your title!

    @BaadWolfKnits Do you mind if I used the finished photo on behalf of Fiberkind on Facebook to promote the design competition voting phase? I won’t use names, just photos, and have a hyperlink back to the voting thread.

    Thank you!

    @Char Thank you :blush:

    @Char It’s almost complete. I’ve got one tester that should be done in the next couple of days. :crossed_fingers:Everyone else is done. I’ve only one tester on here this round: knitter131. I’d be happy to tag her​:blush: I will definitely let you know, especially since I still can’t edit it for some reason! Thanks Char!:grin::heart:

    @Char, I thought I already did this! But now I can’t find it. :confused:. And where do I post it?

    @Char Thanks :blush: