Choose Site Style!

I just noticed that you can choose the color scheme/theme that you would like for this site. If you scroll all the way to the bottom left, you will see either Grunge, or Cool Blue, or Old School, etc. Click the down caret to select the colors/font you like! See screenshot attached. Little things make me happy! Thank you @Admin for this awesome new platform!


There are a few more styles I can add as well, I added a few of the nice looking ones to start!

@Techyarnie I was going to comment under your post, but there was no comment option for it…but there was for @Admin 's post… anyway, where did you get the red option ? I have cool blue, grunge, old school, and stripes for my options, but none look like the picture you posted.

@Stitch81 I think you are noticing my GoogleChrome theme in the screenshot image