Chatter Thread Spinning 2022

I spun a ton during the Spin de Fleece, but I haven’t spun since I finished that last fiber pairing I was working on. I still have a partial spool of one of the fibers though, and more of that fiber that I could spin.

Has anyone else spun in the last couple of weeks?

I finished plying a braid I started during the spin de fleece. Hope to get it skeined and washed before Friday.

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I’m slowly working my way through an old superwash braid in alarming shades of green. Plying now for a sport-ish weight. Thinking this might make a good boys’ hat and scarf/cowl combo.


That is a nice bright green. I would have been tempted to ply it with a gray or maybe a purple or blue to bring the brightness factor down a bit. But it’s looking great as it is too.

This actually turned out better than expected.


Next up: a nice blend from Hobbledehoy. I bought two of these and have already spun one up, so I’ll spin this one to match. I don’t think I did anything special with the last braid – just split it in two, and peeled off strips. Two ply fingering-ish for weaving.

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oh so pretty!!!

Oh that is so gorgeous! Makes my heart beat a little faster. :slight_smile: (my colors)

I love this too!

I finished this over the weekend. It is my last small hank of 80/20 Superwash merino/nylon that I dyed before SDF. Only 160 yds but a nice DK. My first spin since SDF 22. I started it on my Ladybug while away, so I had to bring my wheel home to finish it! But compared to my other wheel, it is very light and doesn’t take up that much room in the car.


That is really bright and cherry !