Chart Tip - for those with old eyes

I recently bought the book “400 Knitting Patterns” from Potter Craft. I bought it off Amazon, so I couldn’t flip through it (that function was disabled). I bought this one, particularly because it said it included graphs of each pattern. I’m a graph gal all the way. What it didn’t say was that the graphs were TINY! Not just small. Not just a tad hard to see … borderline microscopic.

I love many of the patterns so here’s the workaround I chose, I enlarge the graph 400x (that’s not a typo - literally 400x), and then because I like to work with color, I use colored pencils to mark the different stitches. Then I take a photo, like the one below, and save it as a file in my computer so I only have to do it once. :slight_smile: It’s some extra steps, but sooo much easier on the eyes.

@Pegg Thomas this is a great idea! I also have a book with microscopic charts, and this idea helps a lot!!