Cat Bordhi

I haven’t seen it mentioned here yet, but we lost Cat Bordhi on September 19th. She had the most amazing designs and will be greatly missed.

Yes, she will be missed. :frowning:

Thanks for mentioning Cat Bordhi[URL=“”], @Hellokitten!

Cat Bordhi’s open letter, posted here today as a tribute: [INDENT][SIZE=28px]A Letter From Cat[/SIZE] and the Rio Calina Cowl
Link -…o-calina-cowl/

Rio Calina Cowl, a “Let the River Carry You” Design by Cat Bordhi
…This is one of my favorite designs I have ever done…

Yes, Cat Bordhi was very generous with her creativity, time, and talent.
In her honor, maybe we could hold a KAL based on her “Let the River Carry You” pattern…?

I set up a knit along:

Cat Bordhi KAL

I just learned about Cat’s passing. So sad.

@rubyyarn - yes, the world lost a very creative person. Cat left a very loving open letter with a pattern… please come join the KAL in memory of Cat Bordhi, if you wish. We are working the pattern from her open letter.

:cat2::cat::cat2:What a sweetheart.

I could do this in sport weight! Count me in :blush::blush: