Cat Bordhi Rio Calina Cowl Knit Along

I am guessing most of us were familiar with Cat Bordhi. For me - it is her sweet tomato sock heel. For you it may be a beautiful cowl or a hat pattern. We pray for her family and friends through this hard time as Cat has gone home to be an angel.

@qfknit suggested maybe we could have a knit along for her cowl featured in her goodbye letter. I think that would be a great idea. You might take a moment to read her newsletter, and the Calina Cowl is available for free in this newsletter.

Cat and the Rio Calina Cowl

You may choose to participate with any of her patterns.

I plan to make mine a lighter weight, DK in a beautiful cream color.


I didn’t know her before, but since seeing posts about her death, I have spent time looking at her website, patterns, and blog. I’m doing a lot right now, but I definitely want to participate in this KAL in honor of a woman I never knew in life, but who has touched me just the same in death,

Her letter was so beautiful and touched me especially deeply right now. I definitely need to knit the Rio Calina. I pray I can someday be as gracious in death as this sweet lady.

Thanks @Char for setting up this Cat Bordhi memorial KAL.
I have printed the pattern and am deliberating on my choice of yarn from my stash.

I’m also a huge fan of her sweet tomato heel and watched her on YT. I have a pair of socks OTN that are self striping and stopped at the heel thinking I should do an afterthought heel, but now I think I need to do my favorite sweet tomato heel and move forward with those. I would love to knit this cowl but I won’t be starting it right away as I need to get some things organized first.

I pray for her loved ones and celebrate this great lady who is a role model for all of us.

I read the letter and printed off the pattern.

I am so sorry to hear of her passing. Praying for her family and others who knew and loved her.
She sounds like such a sweet, loving person.

Her cowl is amazing. As is the concept behind it. Letting the ‘river’ run where it may and having fun with it as you go.

I have cast on! Ribbing is done and I start the cables tomorrow. I may make several of these for Christmas gifts.

I can’t wait to hear how you like the process.

Yes, every piece will be unique!

I went through my stash and chose my yarn. I hope my brain can let go and flow as she envisioned. I sure need more if that in my life right now.


I am trying to figure out the twist and fold for stitching the cabled piece together to form the cowl…
can anyone help?


If you take your paper, and roll it - kind of like a biscuit tube - put the right side around and on top of the left side… does that work?

@qfknit - kind of like this? I don’t have paper to try it, do I tried yarn…


I never think that far ahead. I believe you just match up the A’s together and the B’s together and it sorts itself.

It is a very easy project.

the closest I could get to the picture is fold/Bring Top A corner down to touch the bottom A corner. (left top corner A touches bottom left corner A)

then take the right top (…above the right side B) bring it over to touch the now backside of original corner B.

this creates a cowl with two points in front.

@Hellokitten - I thought this part would be easy, and wondered why Cat Bordhi suggested working it out with 10" x 2" strip of paper. Then I gave it a try, and find that I have one right side (cables) and one wrong side showing.

@Char and @hereami - thank you for the suggestions. LOL, I “used to” enjoy origami, and thought I would ace this! But I am stumped. May we call the points A&B on the upper left a different name than the points A&B on the lower right, to distinguish them? Reading left-to-right, I would call the points on the upper left A1 & B1, and the points on the lower right A2 & B2.

These two photos show what I get when I follow the diagrams and instructions:

Cat Bordhi pattern dilemma - photo 2 .JPG

Cat Bordhi pattern dilemma - photo 3 .JPG

Yes! Like a biscuit tube. :slight_smile:

@Char - my biscuit tube seems to drape a cabled “Right Side” over a flat “Wrong Side”.

Oh. Well hmmm.