Cascades' new recycled yarns... and recycled plastic bottles in many products!

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[SIZE=24px]Cascade Yarns has introduced two new lines of yarn for the home knitter.
ReBound and ReVerb are recycled / up-cycled from plastic bottles.[/SIZE] [INDENT]These yarns, and their free patterns, are introduced to FiberKind readers here:
Forums > Fiber > Yarn > Cascade Yarns introduces 2 lines of yarn with Recyled PET in 2020[/INDENT]

While this is the first yarn for home knitters I’m aware of to be made from recycled plastic bottles, evidently plastic bottles have been made into fibers and fabrics for a wide variety of common uses, for several years, by multiple companies. [INDENT]Seaquel recycles plastic bottles into textiles.[/INDENT]
Recycled plastic bottles in many products, thanks to REPREVE fiber by Unifi.[/INDENT]

The world’s leading recycled fiber is made for the good of tomorrow.

Recycling more than 19 billion plastic bottles and aiming for 20 billion bottles in 2020!

Read the extensive list of familiar brands and stores using REPREVE/Unifi recycled fibers.
The list of applications is far-ranging.[/INDENT]

You may be surprised to find you may already own something which was once a plastic bottle!

Other companies, including Sunbrella and LL Bean list products made with recycled content, with sources ranging from plastic bottles to fishing nets… and products ranging from mats and patio furniture upholstery to clothing… some with UPF50 sunblock protection. [INDENT]