Care to share? Who we are on other forums - KP, R, FB, etc.

As we all seem to be new members here, care to share your username on other forums? I’m on Knitting Paradise, same username. WAS sugarcat on R, also on Yahoo(still there!) several groups there. Some may not want to share that info, others like me would like to re-connect with people we interact with on other forums. Welcome!:slight_smile:

I am using the same user name and profile photo as I did at R.

I’m knitterlady13 everywhere except R. I deleted my R account. I do use the same profile pic here though because I thought it would help people recognize me (and it has). I was VERY active on the R forums. Note that I’m on Instagram and have a Twitter account (not that i use it). I don’t have a FB account anymore, but sometimes use my mother’s to see what’s going on. (She has Alzheimer’s and I haven’t closed her account yet because I’m afraid to lose her contacts and am too lazy to write them down.)

I’m still on R as Sings4Joy, same profile picture. I was pretty active on forums, charity forums, where I’m still active, just not as much as before.

Edited to remove other personal stuff!

I’m Pam, and my username is the same as it was on Ravelry. I mostly hung out on charity forums on Ravelry, but plan on venturing out more on the new sites that are springing up.

I’m using the same name and profile picture. I was most active in the inkle band group and Jane Stafford group. I’m not on FB but I’m on IG as inagiftbox.

Using the same name as R but my previous picture was of my small grandson in sunglasses. I was mostly on the sock groups and main forums and used the projects for personal interest. I’m going to go paper now and keep track of the same information, plus this time I’m adding the actual labels and yarn samples - I never did test squares (not really needed for socks) but may do that now. I’m a “have to feel it” kind of person, so I think this will be better for me.

Just a head’s up in case some of you aren’t aware of the fact that Forum posts are open to the public and can be read and even re-posted to other social media sites without the interested reader even logging into OU.
I wasn’t aware of it until a friend told me she could see my posts and profile without logging on. So I went to my privacy options and made everything either subscriber or members only in the Groups, Blogs and Profile and, at least for the time being, am going to be very careful to not post personal info on Forum - because there is no way to make Forum private at this time by individual members. I personally think creating a Group for anything private is the way to go.

Thanks for this! I just edited my comment above to remove FB and IG info and will adjust my privacy settings.

Thank you for this.

What is the difference between selecting subscriber or member for the privacy setting? I couldn’t find anything that explained either. Can someone who can view all the posts since this place is public, can they subscribe to the threads as a non-member? If so, member is the better option. Until I knew the difference, I selected member.

I noticed that there was a huge jump in the amount of people viewing but not as huge a jump in members. Two FB groups against R just went to private on the 22nd. I wonder if the trolls from there have moved here. Seriously, trolls are gathering whatever info they can and making screenshots with plans to go after or take down people. They were posting about doing so in Rubberneckers over at R. I was reading comments by an acquaintance before I left. Following her trail led me to that group and those posts. Horrible.

I knew I recognised your username from somewhere! I always smiled when I saw that picture, he is the littlest Blues Brother!

I wish that some knowledgeable person would make an effort to clarify THE SIGNIFICANCE OF ALL THE AVAILABLE PRIVACY OPTIONS IN WRITING and keep it posted at the top of the forums to assist the many of us who are not as aware of the privacy issues as we should be. As I mentioned in my previous post, I only found out my privacy was compromised because an online friend of mine was concerned enough to let me know of my vulnerability and my options.

Yes, please don’t post personal information in the general forums. They are open to provide resources to people that might not want to sign up and for general discussion. Groups and Blogs are both closed and are members only.

That’s awesome! Didn’t think I had much of a presence over there to get recognized. I decided to change out my picture - in this day and age of the internet, I’m uncertain about using family pictures on a public forum and thought I’d go with something more neutral and generic.

I changed everything to Member - hope that’s enough. I agree on not posting too much personal information, just to be safe.

To be perfectly honest, it was just the picture that caught my eye. You are right, though, it is probably safer not to put pictures of family, especially children, on a public forum. It is sad that we have come to this, but much better safe than sorry.

I was using the same name and avatar on R, and I was mostly active in the Awesome Amigurumi group and the Delicious Death group for Agatha Christie fans, so if anyone is on here from those - want to start up new ones here? Actually you don’t have to be from That Place, if you want to do Agatha read-alongs or ami-alongs on here, love to hear from you.

I’m here from the other site as well. Same name, same pic. Glad to see so many that I recognize here :).

This is my first post, and I’m still exploring a bit, so please forgive me if I’ve overlooked something really obvious–this is not a format I am entirely familiar with yet.

One of the things I liked and used a lot (probably more than I should have . . . I have an overflowing filing cabinet . . . ) was the Free Pattern Group. Is there a dedicated thread for free patterns here?

Thanks everyone!

Yes there is! You can find groups by clicking the tab near the top of the page.

Awesome! THANKS :).