Can't reply to a topic

I’d like to add a pattern to the Crochet forum, in the Afghans subforum. I see two posts there, but I can’t see any link to reply or add my own post. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


@Char - I checked out the Marketplace and it does appear to me too that you can’t post a new pattern.

@CherylDeeCrochet @lovestostitch I believe I have it fixed. If that doesn’t work please let me know. :slight_smile:

This afghan is stunning.

This isn’t what happened here, but a side note - if anyone is a designer who wishes to post their patterns in the market place please let me know - there is a setting I need to switch on so you can post there.

Thank you!

I’m trying to find the Afghans subforum again, but I can’t find it any more. What am I missing?

ETA - Nevermind! I found it!

Ok, I got the post entered and it says it’s “unapproved.” I tried to edit the post and the system tells me I don’t have authorization. Is this normal?

@cheryldeecrochret - I approved the post, and I think I have it set up where that won’t happen.

I apologize - the only thing I can think of is the most recent update added options and defaulted those to “no”. If you run into anything else please let me know.

And thank you for your patience!!!

Thanks so much, Char! It’s working fine now. I’ll let you know if I have any further difficulties.