Can you save a copy of a post BEFORE actually posting it?

Can a copy of a post, not yet ready for prime time, be saved somewhere for editing? I was working on a rather lengthy post a few days ago and didn’t have time to finish it. I see ‘auto saved’ pop up occasionally so I thought maybe it was saved someplace. I just don’t know if it was and where would it be?

I don’t remember doing anything, but when I was in a Group post I was trying to post a picture after making a comment. I couldn’t so left without posting. When I finally came back to it, to post in the same spot, a message came up asking if I wanted to use the post or discard the previous message. So, I think something is saving, but don’t ask me how!

Thanks annekepoot. I don’t know where it is if it did get saved. But thanks for that input.

working on a better answer for you - but it is a long time since I used this software on a regular basis so it is like a Re-Learning Experience

I am not at all sure how it works, but there is some places “drafts” are saved and then you can come back and work on it later
mostly in case the Internet misbehaves and you are unable to finish your thought.

I am just testing this out to see if anything is saved - may have to wait until I see the auto-save pop up here. Nothing happening yet. Is auto save dependent upon time or amount of words?

@susanwayne [LEFT]This above paragraph was canceled, asked if I wanted to continue with cancellation and I said Yes. Then I went out of the forum. When I went back in to comment it asked me if I wanted to use or discard the previous comment. I said to use it. So again, I don’t know how or when but I did wait until the auto-save notification came up. I would assume it wouldn’t be there if that hadn’t happened. Probably doesn’t help with your previous problem but I know it’s worked twice for me. And this doesn’t answer the question of being able to save it before posting, but it may help if you cancel and then change your mind. [/LEFT]

I have found is that if I go into the box at the bottom of the page that says “Write something …” i.e. I am replying to the thread, I can preview what I am going to post, and if I cancel and go back later, the draft is still there. If I just click on “Comment” i.e. I am replying to someone else’s reply, I don’t get either a preview or a chance to save. Also, in the comment box, I only see a couple of lines of text and I can’t scroll up to check spelling, etc.

I have been typing anything longer than just “Thank you” on Word, checking it, then copying and pasting it into the comment box, which is a bit of a cheat, but less embarrassing than editing over and over because I typed it the way I said it and not everyone understands my uniquely Glaswegian grammar, syntax and dialect!

Yes, there is probably a place where it is saved, I just can’t find it! But thanks for the dry.

Hmmm. I didn’t see that it saved it for me. Maybe I didn’t actually preview it and that’s the action that triggers the save draft. Not sure. I’ll watch this thread for more info. Thanks for the help though.

I don’t seem to have those options. But I really would like to save a draft before posting. I can save it in another program and copy and paste, but that’s not what I did when I lost that diatribe of a post. Until I figure out a draft mode, I think that’s what I’ll do. (Just saw the ‘auto-saved’ pop up. Wonder where that is???

I’ve found if you leave a topic with text in the field that auto-saved when you come back in the little bar above all the post options it will say “there was a post saved do you want to Restore or Discard” (or something like that) in a yellow box, if you click restore it will come back. I wouldn’t count on it for a lot of text though just in case…