Can spinning cause Vertigo?

During SdF this year, I started having some nausea and dizziness. It seemed to occur when I was up and walking around. It could have been the hot weather, but I wasn’t spending a great deal of time outside last week. It might have also been that I need new glasses. I wear progressives. It doesn’t seem to be happening now that I am not spinning daily.

Mmm, I can think of a few possibiliies…

The most likely is that you were looking through your glasses at a specific angle looking at the spinning, but then when you got up, it affected how you were seeing the ground as well… that happens to me sometimes and can affect my balance a bit, and some people are more susceptible to this than others.

Another possibility could be increased tension in your neck and shoulders which could be pinching a nerve near your ears, so stretching your neck may help or gett8ng a massage… I also have a lot of tension in my neck amd shoulders, so I get tegular massages.

The third possibility I can think of is you were fighting a virus of some sort, and it was just a coincidence that you were spinning a lot…

Sorry I didn’t see this before, just came up on my feed here.

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