Calling All Hookers!

[h=1]Calling all hookers![/h]
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[FONT=Bitter]Hey everyone!

I am new to crochet and I’ve never hosted a CAL, seems like I’m the perfect person to kick-off a
crochet-a-long, am I right ? ( )

There is a knit-a-long starting on the Fourth of July here on Our Unraveled, and I thought that was the perfect way to celebrate our independence.

I am proposing getting our projects on the hook on the Fourth of July, and off the hook on the fourth of August. There is no theme other than crochet what you want, because…freedom!

It would be great to see project pics as you’re progressing, and when you’re done. I know I get LOADS of inspiration from seeing other folks color and pattern choices.

I will be casting on a Virus meets Granny shawl. I’ve had my yarn cake for a while, and I’m ready to go!! I hope you’ll join me


Hey @BonBon ! I posted this before, but I will post it again. I’m actually working on two crocheted items. A blanket for my cousin’s newborn(pattern soon to follow), and what I am calling an infinity shawl(pattern also soon to follow). I’ll post pictures once I get farther in.

The Crochet-a-long is on the community calendar! <3

Good morning all! I’m about halfway thru a throw for my oldest son. Had to halt production about a month ago due to pain in my right shoulder and numbness and pain in right hand. Seems better now that I rested it, so will be picking it back up. I like to keep a small project bag ready for taking to church or nursing home visits, that’s usually a hat or dishcloth lately, but I’m eyeballing a couple of wrap or shawl patterns too. You all know how it is. I just want to make ALL the things. Today.

Hello Everyone! I’m working on my Battenberg blanket. I’ve been crocheting my tiny granny squares every day since joining this CAL, it really helped to motivate me.

Hi Everyone!!

I’m not sure if our posts on the previous Hook a Long thread will get migrated over here, so I hope everyone will post/repost pics of their project
progress. This is the first pic I took of my Virus Shawl. I haven’t taken any recent pics (I’ll try to get that done today), but rest assured - she is growing :wink:

WP_20190704_20_00_07_Pro (2).jpg

Thank you Snickerdoodle!

Yay! Glad to hear that you are feeling better. And YES, I know how it is. I too want to make all the things, right NOW! Then reality sets in, and I know it will be weeks or months before some of these projects are done :frowning:

I have started on a hopefully 70 inch round tablecloth as a gift for my son and dil. I have the design finished for it, and am writing the rows as I crochet them, so I can add the pattern to my pattern sales when finished. It takes tons of time. lol… so I may not be getting it done by August… but I am gonna give it a good hearty try. Here is a photo of where I am so far, so far it is a 10 inch round. It isn’t blocked so it looks a little wonky. :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful! In the original CAL thread, several folks said that the August 4th bind off date may be too aggressive for their projects. We all agreed that we would be happy to keep the CAL going until the last project is complete :slight_smile:

Whew! Okay, at least some kinda time limit helps me stick to the project, otherwise, I am all over the place working on several WIPs… lol

Can’t wait to see the pattern!

I hope you’ll post your pics here. I can’t wait to see how many squares you’ve gotten done :slight_smile:

This is so pretty! What kind of yarn are you using?

I hope to take a photo in a couple of days. I’ve made good progress this week. Excited to share what I’ve gotten done!

Looking great! This is one of my favorite patterns!

Hi Kathy, the yarn thread I am using is size 20 beige, I can’t tell the brand, it is a huge spool passed down from my mom, she use to crochet those big doilies with tons of ruffles, but her eyesight has failed so she can no longer make them… and the brand is missing from the cone.

I posted this on the old site but not on here. I am still a bit iffy about it as I probably should of used different yarn; but I just used what I had to work with in the colors I planned.


I like that shade of blue. What other color were you considering?

A white color (or like a off white). I am making based off the ocean.