Blogs requiring photos?

I just started a new project blog for a baby cardi that I had to knit last minute. I had uploaded my photo as an attachment and included it in the post. I prefer to do that because then I have a choice of photo sizes to add to my post. When I clicked “post” I got an error message saying I had to upload at least one photo.

So…a couple of things. I had already added a photo, so this could be a bug. Second…maybe also a bug…but the page would not respond to clicking the camera icon. Finally, should it really be required to add a photo? Can we change that? I know many of us must want to start project blogs at the beginning of a project rather than waiting until the end and that we won’t necessarily have photos to add right away.

I’ll note that I’m pretty sure that with my other projects I wasn’t required to add a photo immediately, so it seems like something has changed.

Bumping this. Anyone have an answer?

Maybe take a photo of your yarn and add that at the start of your project. It’s not the solution, but it’s a way to get the blog going before you have photos of your project.

@AuntyM Thanks. I already have photos of all of my yarn and can definitely do that. I am just wondering if this is a bug because I had started some of my previous blogs without any photos. Plus, I’d think that photos uploaded using any of the different options for doing so should allow the blog to post.

I am afraid to look as I don’t want to break something, but I am going to tag @Admin so if he pops in he can see it.