What do you use for blocking? Do you have any before and after blocking photos you’d like to share?

I described this in another thread, it’s a 4’ by 8’ exterior insulation board that I got at Lowes for about $8 and it works great for blocking. You could trim it down with a utility knife so it could fit under a bed.


Before blocking:



Garden of Diamonds.jpg

I use foam interlocking tiles that fit together like a puzzle. I like that you can put out just as many as you need and you can create the shape you need.

I like something I can lean against the wall, when I do anything on the floor I get lots of “help” from my dog.

@FreedomLover - oh yes, I can relate to that. I have two dogs who both think if you get down on the floor, it’s time to play! I do have to make sure my ball obsessed one doesn’t drop a slobbery ball on my knitting. Fortunately, they are both well trained and if I remind them to stay off, they do. I can leave the tiles on the floor with my knitted item and they will walk around it.

@FreedomLover - when you lean it against the wall does it tend to stretch the finished work at all? I would think it would pull in ways I wouldn’t want it to, however if it doesn’t maybe it is an option to keep my furry friends off too! :slight_smile:

I use interlocking tiles, too. Mine are the kind sold as children’s play mats, which are a lot cheaper than the ones sold as blocking boards. Seriously, I paid less for a pack of nine play mat tiles than some people wanted for one blocking board - and yes, they were the same size, 12 inches/30 cm square, so it is worth shopping around.

I bought the larger interlocking tile mats from my local hardware store. I need to keep them away from my hubby so he doesn’t use them in his shop, LOL.

I got my set of foam tiles at Costco. When our grandson comes from out of town, we put the tiles down on the concrete basement floor so he has a safe place to play. I just wipe them off before using them for blocking again.

Another important thing about blocking is what pins you use. I had read horror stories about pins rusting and leaving marks on projects so I made sure to get rustproof pins.

Another horror story I saw about blocking was someone put a damp project on a towel on a bed with a white comforter. She didn’t have good enough coverage with her towel and the yarn bled on her comforter.

It doesn’t, but I use a gazillion pins.

Wow–what a difference blocking makes! I’ve not done much of any kind lacework, so most of my stuff hasn’t had that dramatic of a result when I blocked it. It’s a gorgeous shawl!

Thank you! It’s Garden of Diamonds by Garnstudio. Blocking makes a big difference with lace.