Bars below our screen names

I haven’t been able to check in here as often as I’d like lately, so maybe this question has already been asked and answered. I’m curious what the bars under our screen names are about. I’ve noticed that we each have ten white bars that, for some folks, have started to turn orange. What do the bars signify?

There was a thread on this a couple of weeks ago. It has to do with how many of your posts are favorited. Hang on…I’ll find that thread for you. @BonBon

Hi BonBon!

It’s a measure of “reputation” it can be turned on or off in your account settings. Posts, “likes” and other contributions to the forum add reputation, the users with several orange bars are typically active members that have a lot of contributions.

Thanks! That clears that up :slight_smile:

Thank you @knitterlady13

I was afraid it was how many lives we had left.
Anyone see Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle?

Thanks for letting us know. I was guessing it had something to do with likes since some had more color then others with similar amount of posts.

@Bonnie in the tech support forum there is topic “Reputation”
with a detailed explanation I will try to move your question there to make i

Cake may be my weakness…

@ochillia Haha!

Mine is mosquitoes.

Funny that you say that. I used to get welts that looked a bit like half ping-pong balls when a mosquito bit me. I’d be itchy and miserable for days until it went away. Now I get a teeny bump the size of half a rather undersized lentil. It itches for a few minutes, then stops bothering me.

I haven’t seen any studies on this, so there could be a lot of different causes, but the change happened for me when I reduced carbs to less than 20g/day. My theory is that it’s something to do with baseline inflammation.

@ochillia !!! I should look into that. The first bites I get in a season do that to me, too. Then subsequent bites are much smaller. I just assumed it was developing an immunity or something.

I was bitten last month and a few days later began a fever. I was sick for almost three weeks. I wondered if I had West Nile virus. No cold, more like a flu. Or it was a summer flu.

That’s exactly what used to happen to me. The first bites were huge, the rest more normal sized. The next season it was worse.

Regardless of the cause, any fever is pretty miserable. Hope the rest of your season is better!