Bag Lady #5

Our 5th tote is finished & ready to be sent out to a deserving Bag Lady (Or Gentleman)!

I’ll be shipping it out as soon as I’ve contacted the recipient & have the necessary info. I’ll give some clues as to the who & where once it’s on the way.

For those of you that would like the pattern, I finally finished it up. You can access it from my Payhip account and download it free with the code below until November 30, 2020. I only ask that you inform me of any issues with spelling, grammar, or errors you may find within the pattern as I’ve not had it edited or tested.

Bag Lady Tote Access code: 2B6XX3V3OC


Another beautiful bag!

This is gorgeous!

Whoa - way cool!!! I wondered if that was your WIP from a couple days ago.

Your bags are always so beautiful! If I have an appropriate yarn, I’ll definitely give the pattern a try. Can’t wait to hear about the recipient.

The intended recipient has graciously accepted our gift! I didn’t have an opportunity to get away to the post office yesterday. It’s on the list for 1st thing this morning.

The 1st clue will be posted once it’s on it’s way! :fk:

The tote is on it’s way to it’s deserving recipient! It should arrive Tuesday.

1st Clues…

  1. The tote will travel an estimated 1,150 miles in a northeasterly direction. Approximately 360 miles before it leaves Texas.

  2. The intended recipient enjoys knitting & crochet, though knitting is her true love. She also enjoys reading. She generously shares ideas & encouragement here on Fiberkind.

A new clue will be posted tomorrow!

Pokes in to see if @TexasPurl has given another clue.

nope - any guesses where it is today? Maybe we’ll get yes or no’s from her :fk:

Are we allowed to guess where it is going? I did some math and I have a guess!

Hmmm - can be done without disclosing personal info on the eventual winner?

Your bags are so amazing and fun to use!! The recipient will love theirs as I love mine!! :fk:

You’re too sweet!

My calculations are mileage based with my limited knowledge of which states
have Fiberkind members. Since @TexasPurl gave mileage clues and said it
was going in a northeastern direction, I narrowed it down to Indiana. Her new clues also support Indiana as the destination. I know of three Fiberkind members in Indiana!

I love mine, too!

This one is so festive, perfect colors for this time of year.

@Char - @TexasPurl makes it tough for me to guess because I don’t know
exactly where she is. So I calculated mileage from Texarkana (the very edge of
TX) and she said it was approximately 790 miles after leaving TX. Southern IL isn’t far enough. Champaign is 659 miles. Now I’m 760 miles from Texarkana so I could be playing with all of you and it could be me! So, it could be someone else in Chicagoland or Indiana or it could be southern Ohio. I’m am still betting on Indiana because it has all the things that TexasPurl gave as location clues and Illinois and Ohio don’t come up as having them - Google knows a lot!

Finally!! Showing out for delivery! I hope they can find the recipient before the turkey gets cold.

One more clue!

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I think I know!!

Here I am - thinking - “Mom is opening an Etsy shop?” Who knew!!!

I was surprised at that clue too since I hadn’t seen or heard anyone mention that.

See, we now know Mom ( @knitter131 ) can keep our secrets!!