Bag Lady #3

Our 2nd tote is finished & ready to be sent out to a deserving Bag Lady (Or Gentleman)!

It needs a name & I’m at a loss. Please contribute some suggestions. Edit: New official name ~ Partly Sunny!

I’ll be shipping it out as soon as I’ve contacted the recipient & have the necessary info. I’ll give some clues as to the who & where once it’s on the way.

Bag Lady #3.jpg

It’s been shipped! It should be delivered Friday.

  1. The tote will travel an estimated 1,900 miles in a northwesterly direction.

  2. The intended recipient enjoys both knit & crochet. She is self taught from an early age. She also loves being in the garden. She generously shares ideas & encouragement here on Fiberkind.

A new clue will be posted tomorrow!

Wow!! That is a long way to travel - and it does it quickly!!!

I wonder if it will reach Washington State??

I love that you do this, it’s such fun to play along.

It’s well on it’s way now. Delivery is still scheduled for Friday.

More clues!

The tote will travel a little more than 600 miles before it leaves Texas!

Some fun facts about the final destination according to Wikipedia:

  • This town was an experimental cooperative agricultural colony established in 1917.
  • This town's main agricultural products are almonds and walnuts.
  • The county in which this town is located hosts multiple ghost towns.
More clues to the "who" tomorrow before delivery!


Oohhhh exciting! :slight_smile:

I think my first thought may have been wrong…

It’s made it to the recipient’s state!

On to the recipient—

She knits more than she crochets, but enjoys both.
She’s a mother & grandmother (all boys).
She’s also an avid gardener.
She’s been a member of Fiberkind nearly since inception & holds a spot in the top 20 for posting to the site.
She always has a kind word or witty comment when engaging with other members.
We are fortunate to have wonderful members such as this recipient. :fk:

If you’ve guessed the recipient, please don’t disclose it here. Send me a PM & I’ll confirm.

One more clue will be given, once it’s out for delivery.

Ohhhhhh… exciting! The recipient should receive soon!!!

I didn’t know she also crochets.

It’s out for delivery!!!

Now we wait!!

Final Clue: The pictures below depict the recipient’s User Name here on Fiberkind… :fk:



Hmmmmm - wonder who that could be! :slight_smile:

Joy is in the air!

Congratulations Anne, I’m so pleased you’re getting this bag and hope you enjoy it every day.

Ha ha ha! Yes, I love it! It is gorgeous, practical, and I’m thrilled!

This was so much fun to read!! :D:fk:

For a name, what came to me is “Partly Sunny” :yarn::yarn:

Oooh, I like that!