Bag Lady #2

Our 1st tote to be sent out to a deserving Bag Lady (Or Gentleman). It was a delight to stitch.

Perhaps it needs a name. Granite & Wine maybe. I’m terrible at naming things. You all can make suggestions on that. It won’t be shipped until Tuesday due to the holiday tomorrow. I’ll give some clues as to the who & where once it’s on the way.



Wow! This is beautiful! Such a wonderful gift. I am seeing a silver party set to serve the wine. Lol

The recipient lady or gentleman shall be indeed pleased! :fk:

I love our community. So giving!

I agree, it’s a wonderful gift!! I love these colors too!

:cool::cool::cool::cool: The name is just right! It can’t help but be loved!

Very nice. Almost wish I didn’t have so many bags already!!!

Gasp - can anyone have too many bags??? I’m thinking not - especially one as special as this. :slight_smile:

@Char - agreed!

It’s been shipped! It should be delivered Thursday.

  1. It has to travel an estimated 1,150 miles in a Northeasterly direction.

  2. The intended recipient is an all around crafty kind of person, including knitting & crochet. This person also posts daily on Fiberkind and generously shares ideas and encouragement.

A new clue will be posted tomorrow!

Hmmm - we assume (by profile and user name) that Debbie lives in Texas. Texas is a pretty big state, however. If she lives on the far west side of Texas, we’re likely looking at Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri area. If she lives on the far east side of Texas - we could be looking at Pennsylvania or New York. The UP of Michigan is an option even. That’s a pretty big span. The bag will be well traveled for sure!

I think Indiana is northeast of Texas!

Yes, could be Indiana too… I’d say anywhere in the midwest is a definite possibility.

Maybe it’s going to New Hampshire. Debbie suggested “Granite & Wine” as the name of the bag and New Hampshire is the granite state and it’s northeast of Texas! Can’t wait to find out where it lands.

New Hampshire might be a little far… I googled Mount Pleasant, Texas (which is almost the north eastern most point of Texas) to New Hampshire is about 1,750 miles.

If it were just a little north it could be the Myrtle Beach along the coast.

It could almost make it to Washington DC from that point. But I am guessing the Trump family is a little too busy to visit here every day.

Ooops - I forgot that Debbie put in the mileage!

I’m going with the UP! Wherever it lands, it’s going to be welcomed!

Such good guesses!

It has to travel 400 miles before it leaves Texas!

It’s well on it’s way now. Delivery is still scheduled for tomorrow.

Though not the final destination - here’s a few facts about the closest major metropolitan area:

  • This city has the largest sporting facility in the world.
  • This city has the 3rd largest cemetery in the country. John Dillinger & President Benjamin Harrison are interred there.
  • It's the birth place of sliced bread.
The recipient is such a special person. More clues to the "who" tomorrow before delivery!

@TexasPurl - I wonder if you’ll give us updates on where the USPS has the package :wink:

Oh - I wonder if the recipient knows these fun facts about his/her neck of the woods.

It’s not the UP if it has to go 400 miles to even leave TX!