Awesome (and very inexpensive!) downloadable RH resource from Kelly Cassanova!

I have become a “Kelly Cassanova Fan” when learning to weave on my RH loom. She is such a sweet gal and does an amazing job of teaching, both in her free videos and the purchased classes (which are really good and clear–she puts extra effort into those with video shots and details). Also, she has a FB group for anyone in her classes. Not to mention, her classes and patterns are very affordable!

But just today I got an email about a Weaver’s Toolkit and I went to check it out. It’s only $4.37!! And this weekend I got a little discount and it’s only $3.93! It’s chock full of everything from beautifully designed printables for calculating warp and weft yardage and project records sheets, as well as helpful conversion charts for yarn sizes, recommendations for dent sizes for the different yarn weights, 4 pages of yarn recommendations for weaving, including specialty yarns, and more!

It’s a 24-page e-book in pdf format and definitely worth it, in my opinion!!…e_feat_4&bes=1

Thank you for posting this link, I’m definitely ordering the e-book.

It’s really a good deal. Hope you enjoy it!

I think I need to start a binder with some of those note pages so I can remember some stuff. Lol

I’ve decided to keep them in a file on my computer and then only print out the printable things when I need them, like the forms to fill out and keep as a journal or the worksheets. Otherwise, you get so many papers!

Yes - that’s what I meant - a printout of the projects so I can remember what I did and what worked. :slight_smile:

@Char - I need to be doing that as well. It’s amazing how quickly you forget the details and if you want to repeat it, you have to re-figure it all out if you don’t have a record some where! I guess you could use the pdf and fill them out on the computer as well and that would give you a place to keep them digitally. (Don’t ask me how to do all that–filling out pdf files digitally is not something I’ve mastered yet) But the less actual paperwork, the better, in my opinion!