August 2021 Chatter

Good morning, all!

Here is an August thread for general chatter. :slight_smile:

Well, I just hit the yarn store up here in Michigan!! I hit a 10% off sale which really adds up when buying 23 skeins of yarn. Yes I said 23. All but 5 are 100% wool for the hats for sailors. The other 5 are cascade fixation for baby socks so… unless I knit 24/7 I’ll probably be dancing this week!!

What store did you hit in MI?


@happyfox74 It’s the Michigan Fine Yarns in Livonia MI. They do mail order too if you want me to enable you!

Sweet deal! Happy knitting! And good for you for knitting for our military!

Happy First Friday in August everyone. Hope you are all well and happy.
I finally finished up some things this week.

-The green pillow looking thing is really a scrap car blanket. Two knitted rectangles, one with an extra pouch. Once folded I slipped the blanket into the connected pouch.
-The cowl has been on the needles a year or so. Wool and going to be great for this winter.
-The pink shawl/scarf was made with unknown yarn from my stash. My guess is that it was yarn for a baby blanket. It works perfectly for this. This is a gift for a dear friend who just went through a double mastectomy, was told no chemo…then told she needs 12 weeks of chemo, then some extra at home chemo for a while. Breast reconstruction is taking a while.

I am thinking of making her a head covering for her time with chemo. She isn’t looking forward to loosing her waist length blonde curls. Poor dear.

I found a pattern for a turban wrap that looks like it may work. Cause she can make it as tight or as loose as she would like. I have no idea which kind of yarn to use. Anyone have suggestions? Or should I just purchase her a silky scarf?




Lovely projects you finished. I think a beautiful turban or two would be wonderful, as far a yarn, soft and silky probably would be best and easily washable and dry able. Maybe in the favorite colors she wears.

A couple of years ago, I made a hat for someone who was going through chemo. I researched what type of yarn to use. Some interesting things I learned: their head will be very sensitive, their head may sweat a lot, it should be really soft and washable. Here’s some info I found from a group that makes chemo hats:

"If at all possible, please use cotton yarn or a cotton blend with acrylic or bamboo (100% bamboo yarn is also good). Even the inexpensive Sugar 'N Cream or Peaches & Cream yarns make good chemo caps.

If you have to use wool, please label it so that the patient will have the option to choose a different hat if wool bothers him or her. A lot of the Red Heart Supersaver yarn is also hard and scratchy, so don’t use it for chemo caps. I generally save Red Heart Super Saver hats that you make to be distributed as winter hats instead. Chemotherapy causes patients to develop very sensitive skin, at least for the duration of their treatment. I don’t care how much of a yarn snob you are: wool can be an irritant. So can mohair or, surprisingly, synthetic yarns with a furry texture. Please don’t use these yarns."

Your cowl is so pretty! For the chemo hat, i took hats to the tulsa cancer center for years. Sadly it closed recently. The ladies there most loved the Cotton bamboo blend i used. It isn’t made anymore but there are lots of great cotton bamboo blends. Most of the ladies preferred the hats to be made in lighter weight yarn but everyone has their own preferences but you actually know the recipient personally which could help.

Hooray! I finished a four-years-long project, Sweet Dreams Stocking by Dimensions.

I also started a new llama toy
And I got some yarn (on cones) for free from the local Art Center.




Pretty projects!

I’ve found the Lion Brand Coboo (Cotton/Bamboo blend) is some of the softest I’ve ever worked with. I believe it’s a DK weight. It’s also approved by Knitted Knockers.

What a beautiful stocking! I know your llama will be adorable too!

I just can’t get enough of your stuffed animals. Do you use patterns or just do your thing?

I was saving this for FO Friday, especially since I hardly ever have a FO! This is my handspun, approximately sport to DK wt on #5 needles (?) Fiber was Knit Picks Stroll Roving, so superwash/nylon. I’m somewhat happy with it. I do love how the gray looks with the bright colors. If I had to do again, or if I ever get a deep desire to fix it, I would make the neck smaller. I think I could easily pick up and knit. But since it is summery, I will leave it for now. I’ll try to get a picture with it on soon.


It’s so pretty!!

What an accomplishment that stocking is…wow!
Free yarn…WooHoo!!

I found a free Llama pattern the other day online, if you are interested.

@Natalia are you finding the llama hair to be tedious? I was tempted to start one for myself, but wasn’t sure I would enjoy making all the hair. Is this the pattern you used?

The grey works perfectly.

Love it!

Oh Allison, it turned out lovely! I agree, the bit of gray goes very well with the bright colors! Do you think when you do pick up stitches for the neck that you will use gray there too or will you continue with yellow?