August 2020 Sock KAL - Finished Objects Only - No Chatter Please

This thread is for finished socks only - please keep the chatter to the chatter thread. It makes it easier to pick a winner.

You are eligible for up to four entries. Please make a separate post for each entry. You may post the following entries: [LIST=1]

  • For the first sock (or two through the heels) - any socks started this month count
  • For a completed pair - any socks count. Socks started before the beginning of this month may be finished and entered as a completed pair.
  • For using a pattern that goes with the monthly theme. Please include the name of your pattern.
  • For using the featured color.
  • BONUS ENTRY! This month you can get an extra entry by taking a picture of your finished socks in your garden! Tell us a little something about your garden. [/LIST]
  • I finished this pair from last month this morning.

    Yarn: Knit Picks Hawthorn in Mini Golf
    Pattern: Neville’s Socks with some customization


    I love the color combo.

    One sock done. This pattern is called Garden Sprinkles.


    Gosh, these are perfect colors for summer socks - just wearing them will make someone smile. Good job!

    These are wonderfully bright. :slight_smile:

    I love it, what a happy sock.

    Well I’m back from from my cross country trip. I completed 2 pairs of socks in 8 days. The first pair is my Rendezvous Peak socks named after one of the Teton mountains. The second was a pair I wacked out in 2 days when cousin Noah, who was travelling with us, asked for a pair of hand knit socks.




    Rendezvous Peak socks again for having green in them


    Rendezvous Peak socks a third time. While this pic wasn’t taken in my garden it was taken in God’s garden on the side of a mountain while I was working on the pair while the boys took a hike I knew I couldn’t manage. (I can delete this one if it doesn’t qualify)


    Ohh - look at the beauty in the background! Welcome home - Your socks are wonderful. :slight_smile:

    Oh, those Tetons are something, aren’t they? The socks are a perfect match! Exactly my colors and they’re… did I already say perfect? And the wacked out pair doesn’t look it at all. I know he’s going to love them.

    I somehow missed these. They are the epitome of summer. Oh, and yes, joy. How do you make sure you get the the same size when you do one at a time? I’m afraid I’ll forget what I did on the first one before I get to the second.

    These look great! Noah will be spoiled by his, you may be in for some more sock knitting there. :slight_smile:

    @Char and @pinesprairie Thank you. I really enjoyed this knit. It is a free pattern from Teton Yarn Company (I think). @FreedomLover having another person to knit socks for isn’t a bad thing when you’re on a sock jag. Noah wears the same size as me, so if I knit a pair I’m not crazy about they will still have a loving home.

    @pinesprairie I used patons kroy in woodsie for these socks. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby.

    @MusicalKnitter, good to know! Thank you for sharing the yarn specs. The name says it all. And, I can’t believe you have a built in home for your less than favorites, that is just great!

    @pinesprairie - If I make changes, I write it down. For example, I tried doing more stitches on the cast on but the cuff was way too big so I restarted with less stitches. Then as I was doing my decreases after the heel I realized I was going to need more than my original stitches for the foot so I stopped decreasing early. I just noted the numbers.

    For me there is a benefit to one at a time. I have one foot with sensitive nerves on the top and I can’t take tight socks on that foot. If my first sock is snug, it goes on my left foot and I add a couple more stitches for the second sock. I do the opposite if it is a little loose.

    I love the mountain there socks! Just beautiful! And I believe I’ve used that yarn you used for Noah’s socks. I love the colors in it. I don’t think I could ever complete an adult size pair of socks in sock weight yarn in two days unless they were shorties! I’m just not that fast. Props!!

    @lovestostitch, keeping notes is a good idea and your reasoning for one at a time is a perfect solution for you!