August 2020 Chatter

Happy August everyone! I know we have a lot of gardeners - I look forward to drooling over everyone’s homemade goodies.

Here we gather community-wide to chat about anything from arigomi to zebras. Tell us how you are doing and what you are up to! :slight_smile:

If you have a birthday coming up, let me know - I would love to send you a birthday crown!!! :slight_smile:

My socks in progress were found - yay!!! :slight_smile:

logical place I suppose - in my sock drawer!

@KnitsWithHorses - I am glad I am not alone. Lol

Lol Where else?

It’s hard for me to get much knitting done these days as I’m so busy weeding, picking and processing. Today I worked on pruning and taming my tomato jungle and then picking.

This is today’s pickings:

Now it’s time to process. The tomatoes will be canned as plain, diced tomatoes. The green beans will be blanched and frozen. The beets will become pickled beets and will be canned. The cucumbers will become pickles - some canned and some refrigerator pickles. The zucchini we are eating every day and sharing with friends.


Wow, what a bounty.

Looks awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Your hard work is paying off! Nice crop!!

You’re going to have some beautiful jars of food waiting for you in the off season.

Has anyone seen this knitted COVID quilt starting up in Canada? I would love to do something like this in the US and see other countries do it too! Does anyone have knowledge about entering items to museums?

What a lovely thing to do.

[SIZE=22px]Sunday Morning Question…[/SIZE]

Have you ever lost your knit/crochet MOJO and how did you get it back?

I only lost it once and it was Fiberkind (Our Unraveled) that brought it back to me.

I can only remember a single occurrence and it wasn’t due to any particular issue. I simply had other things that were more important at the time. I know I found thread crochet around that same time and I’ve been back at it ever since. It may be a new technique or skill that brings many back to their craft.

On Monday I entered knitting challenge. The aim is to knit 4 baby garment (2 big ones like sweater/cardigan, and 2 small like hat/sock).

Here’s my plans:

  1. Hoodie with zip
  2. Hat and mittens
  3. West
  4. Sweater with fair isle
    The last one is the most challenging as I’ve never done it before. Going to start it today/tomorrow.
    And here’s the results of intensive knitting.




Wow!! Is the challenge to complete this all for the month of August? Love that hoodie and that gray cotton merino!

My husband and I just started watching Game of Thrones today. I’m also weaving so I can easily look away when I need to.

Lovely work!

I haven’t ever really lost it, I just get tired of working on the big projects sometimes and slow down as I’m ready for them to be done.

In fact, I’ve had quite the opposite happen. There is no longer a day that goes by without my picking up a hook. Projects go everywhere with me, no matter what and if we’re busy during the day, I’ll stay up until all hours just to get a little time in. It borders on obsession. One of my rules is that I must do something I haven’t done before in everything I make so that really keeps me learning & interested.

@shrikewoman May be able to help you with the museum thing…

That is one HUGE blanket?!?!