Assistance Needed Finding Pattern Link

Does anyone know where I can find a link to Hitofude Cardigan without going through R? Want to post the link to another site which strictly forbids links to R site. I haven’t had any luck and since I don’t read Japanese, her blog is of no help.

I’ve looked and looked and it appears R is the only place she has published her pattern :frowning:

@FluffyGran I agree with @rollinge Hitofude was in my queue, but I haven’t found it anywhere except for Rav, so I took it off my list.

That is one lovely cardigan. I’d grab it immediately if it were available outside of R. Something about the Japanese esthetic is so appealing . . . (like Yumiko Alexander’s work). Thanks for the reference, FluffyGran; I’m going to put this on my Watch-For-It list.

For the bold, there is a Japanese-only version available at . I’ve never purchased from them, so this is a pointer rather than an endorsement.