April 2023 Chatter

Happy April!!! I just arrived home from a retreat. Had a great time. Always nice to craft with friends. :slight_smile:

What is everyone working on?


No crafting for me yesterday. However, I did get to help a huge Airedale get to safety.
He was limping , panting like crazy and lost.

Here in Ca we microchip our pets. Then have to remember to update the contact info on that chip, or with the county we register the dog in. Long story short…dog is home. However, his owners were not easy to contact, the vet couldn’t give me the contact info…legal reasons… and I couldn’t keep him over night so he had to spend the night in the local shelter. He was the tallest and fattest Airedale they had ever seen. Beautiful and friendly dog. Loved me…but not my hubby, or my current animals. Also…turns out he was not up to date on his rabies shot.

Talking about this here only to remind you all to make sure your info is up to date on your pets. AND…pls be careful if you rescue an animal. They may not be up to date on their needed vaccines.

Stay safe and happy crafting.
The garden prep is calling, so not sure how much crafting and reading I will actually get to this week.


Such good things to remember! I found a cute little pomeranian in the street a few years ago and brought it home because there was no one around who might be missing it and it was very obviously NOT normally an outside dog. (perfectly groomed, including painted nails!) We quickly found out that he was a horny little bugger (probably a purebred stud dog) because he kept trying to mount our little Jackshund and he was NOT happy about it! We took him to a vet to see if he was chipped and he wasn’t, but they couldn’t keep him and we just couldn’t keep him at our house because we didn’t know what his vaccination status was, he was yapping constantly, and our poor dog was just NOT happy with this strange guy who kept mistaking him for a girl! We took him to the shelter and they said they’d already received a report of a missing dog that they thought was the one we’d found, so I didn’t feel bad leaving him there. This was just the last straw in my argument in favor of getting our little escape artist chipped and my brother finally agreed it was a good idea.

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I will be totaling out the April 1 thread in the stash down challenge group on Monday. If you haven’t posted yet and want to, please do.


we had our election for parliament yesterday - conservatives won


Thank you for sharing that.
Lots of things are happening over in your part of the world.
Stay safe.


I do feel safer now, that Hungary and Turkey as the final countries ratified our NATO application - tomorrow we’ll officially become members :partying_face:


Oh, thank God for that!

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A job opportunity has been given to me.
I have been approved for it…I just need to accept one of two options. I asked for and get to go in for a sit down face to face meeting this week. (Not an interview really. A meeting so I can ask questions and get to know the Boss.)

Wish me luck…and wisdom. :thinking:


What will you be doing? I hope you won’t be working on Fridays. We will miss you if you can’t make Zoom chats.


Private Christian Academy Teacher or the Aide…are the jobs available to me.
(For those who don’t know, I am a retired (25year) Home-School teacher, and PreK- K Sunday School teacher.)

It will be a unique teaching opportunity. A Hybrid between attendance in the classroom and at home learning. Class size is promised to be small-ish. Under 20 children.

I should still have Fridays available for Zoom chats with all the wonderful and encouraging FiberKind members. :fk:


I’m participating in a FB quilt as you go challenge - the goal is to get one shape done per day. I am hoping to make a few every day and get a NICU quilt or QFK quilt by the end. I like this. Having fun.

Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday! Don’t forget to share what you are working on. :blush:


Congratulations on the offer, and I am praying for you to make the right choices. I am sure that your homeschool experience will give you the ability to nurture each child according to their unique needs and gifts. Praying it is all you hope and expect!!


Wip Wednesday What r u all up to this week? Hope no one is dodging tornados or severe storms.

I am still making progress on a teen sized crochet blanket.

Found a few more pieces of fabric to cut into squares for my old denim quilt. (I decided to do a basic 9 square type of design)

And helping with garden prep this week. Squash and pumpkin are in the ground…woo hoo.

As well as some strawberries.


That’s an interesting set-up. I didn’t know strawberries could grow in shallow containers. Do you have to water a lot?

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They have a smallish root ball so it will work. I am sure I will have to water every day when it warms up. There are local You pick farms here who plant strawberries vertically. Imagine a 6 foot pole in the ground. Starting about halfway up and continuing to the top there are small plastic pots attached. Just enough room for one plant to be planted in each pot. It makes picking them so fun and easy. (This area of the yard will receive a bit of direct sunlight…but not long enough to cause the metal gutter to burn the crop) Btw…they make plastic gutters, I didn’t know if the chemicals from that plastic would be drawn out by the root system. So, opted for the metal ones.

Here is a link where he talks about vertical growing. He mentions gutters way down in the article.

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@Char How are you doing on that hexagon quilt? Do you stitch them together by hand? The stitching between and connecting each shape looks very cute…and perfectly even.

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@hereami I am doing the hexis all by machine. So much fun! :slight_smile:

I also started this yesterday:

And the view from my porch last night. So interesting and beautiful. :slight_smile:


That’s such exciting news congratulations :slight_smile:

Everything I see is how to dye it up:) this is just so pretty and calming to see