April 2021 Sock KAL - Finished Posts Only - No Chat

This thread is for your finished socks. Posts should be finished socks only but you may give compliments as Comments below the post. We do this to make it easier to pick a winner with a random number generator. Please feel free to chat away in our Sock KAL Chat thread.

We have a prize drawing at the end of each month. The prize winner is selected by random number generator and each entry is a chance to win the prize. You are eligible for up to four entries. Please make a seperate post for each entry. You may post the following entries: [LIST=1]

  • Picture of the first finished sock (or two through the heels). Any socks started this month count.
  • Picture of a completed pair. Any socks completed this month count. Socks started before the beginning of the month may be finished and entered as a completed pair.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses a pattern that goes with the monthly theme. Please include the name of your pattern and how it coordinates with the theme.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses the featured color. In this post, include a picture of your scraps before you start your socks. [/LIST] Monthly theme: Helical Knitting This month is a chance to learn something new. We will be discovering helical knitting to create blended socks using yarn scraps.

    Here is a link for a technique using three different skeins: https://jingersnaps.wordpress.com/20…per-mathy-hat/

    Color: Scraps of any color. Use up bits and pieces of yarn you have left over from other projects.

    This month’s prize is an Original PurlgirlButtons Sock-it! Bag, donated by @PurlgirlButtons. The bag is 100% cotton tie dyed by PurlGirlButtons with Dharma wash fast fiber reactive dyes. Dimensions of the bag are 9" H x 9"W at top x 4" deep and it comes with a small carabiner clip. Thank you PurlGirlButtons for donating such a beautiful project bag.

    ​​​​​No chat posts please! Compliments as comments only. Please chat in the Chat thread!


  • Beautiful bag!

    First finished pair of socks. I completed these for Round 2 of #SockSanity2021 - Still on track! Yarn is Hue Loco “Phyllis Sock” in the Peony colorway


    My Leftovers socks are finished, and pretty funky looking. But they fit well and are comfy, so I’m happy to have a pair to wear around the house. Used three balls, I still have some of the gold left for another pair.


    And another post for Leftovers socks.

    Beautiful socks! Do you go toe up or cuff down? I’m always curious. :slight_smile:

    @KnitsWithHorses These are cuff down, as that is the way the pattern is written for round two of #SockSanity2021, but I normally do toe up. I can do both, but prefer toe up.

    Finished Scrappy Helical Aquarium Socks. The flecks of color in the tweed MC yarn reminded me of Aquarium Gravel.
    Toe-up, with a short-row heel, knitted helically using the clasped weft join when changing contrast color. 68 grams on US #1 ,2.5mm. circular needles.

    File_000 (32).jpeg

    File_000 (33).jpeg

    Love them!

    They turned out great. I’m still not done. I kept falling asleep and messing up my toe decreases.

    Finished pair.



    Finished Pair - Theme - Helical


    Color - scraps




    Pair of socks finished through the heel. #socksanity2021 round 3!


    Finally have the first sock finished. Birthday socks for my son turning 37. Size 14WW.



    Pretty colors!

    Nice! I doubt I could get my son to wear striped socks. He’s so … so … bland. :wink:

    Nice and it looks like the other one is well on its way!