April 2021 Crochet FO's

Show off your finished projects completed this month! :fk:

I finished off a stashbusting project. A small blanket using the Caitlin Mosaic Square by Carolann Tuffo. I ran out of the light blue and just finished it off with some light gray. Someone, somewhere will be able to use it I hope.


It’s beautiful!!

Wow…Beautiful work!


Dishcloth using Tunisian crochet short rows. I’m working on a pattern, a photo tutorial, and a video tutorial for this one and for several others.


Thanks y’all!

That’s lovely Cheryl!

I love it!

This pretty just came off the blocking mats!
It’s from the publication Zhurnal Mod #549. No name that I can decipher, so I’m calling it Virus Lace Shawl. I used Halcyon Pearl Cotton 10/2 with a 2mm hook.



Very pretty!

Beautiful shawl!

I finished up a storage pouf. Still trying to rid my stash of the RHSS. Quite a bit to go yet. I’m using it to store charity blankets until I can get them delivered.



Your cozy little spot looks so inviting.
I love the idea of the poof being a storage place for blankets.

Thanks @DJM !

@hereami ~ Thanks! I call it my “time-out” corner. When I really need to decompress, I sit and read for a bit.