April 2021 Chatter

Welcome to April’s community chatter. A place where the entire FiberKind community can come, get to know one another, share anything you like (have I mentioned we all love pics?), get cheers or support as needed, and generally be here for one another.

Around me I see daffodils popping up everywhere. Love the various shades of yellow. Mine aren’t quite all the way up yet, but with how cold it is getting currently, that is not all bad.

Happy Spring everyone! :blossom:

I wish I could grow flowers. I’ve never had any success at it. I’m trying to figure out how to plant anything out here without dogs tearing it up. Eventual I want to have a good sized greenhouse but until then I don’t really know what to do. Last year everything I put in got destroyed. My daughter has a dog that will chew on ANYTHING in reach. Plus there are dogs from neighbors places that come to visit and play with our dogs and they chew things up and carry things off sometimes too. :/I was looking fiat at vertical planes and hanging planets. Maybe if I hang planters on the top of the fence…

This is how I started April!!


My motto is “If I plant it, it won’t grow”. However, we do have the best looking dandelions. Any flowers in my yard either came with the house or just appeared.

@DJM I’m glad to know it’s not just me! :laughing:

Yikes! Hopefully it’s winters last jab?

I’m hanging out with my buddy Vinny today. It’s so pretty out I’m sitting out in my zero gravity chair so Vin decided he would too. :joy:
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@KnitsWithHorses - There are lots of raised gardening options. Have you ever tried grow bags? These vinyl bags are great for flowers and can be hung on a fence.

https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Als-Flow…wer+pouch& qid=1617307826&sr=8-3

Even plastic planters offer protection from running dogs but not ones who want to eat plants. My dog, Carly, pulled a decorative Kale out of the ground and chomped it up. If I tried to grow peppers on the patio, she would steal them. I limit my patio pots to herbs which she doesn’t bother. The rest of my veggies are in a fenced in garden. We now have a fenced in area for our dogs so they can’t get to the veggie garden anymore but the 2 foot rabbit fencing was enough to keep the dogs out too.

Have you ever heard of a Salad Table? I asked for a homemade one for Christmas. I got an IOU. My husband just finished building this for me. He is now building the lid which will be screened so I don’t get little green worms in my Kale. The wire section will get a layer of weed fabric and then be filled with dirt. The best part of my custom built Salad Table is it is a tall size! He built it taller so I don’t have to stoop over it.

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Did he get into that chair himself? When we were camping, we met a couple with a little dog. They had a kid’s lawn chair for him with a blanket spread out. He always jumped up into his chair.

Yuck! I don’t want to see any more of that.

Most of it was gone by noon, then we had another round of flurries (nothing stuck to the ground). Hubby will be mowing grass soon.

Too cute!!


Yes he got up in it and made himself comfy. Lol. That one is s bit bent up from a storm that blew it across about 3 acres last year. When I set up my new one he went over and was pawing at that one and I swear he was trying to set it up. So I helped him out. Instant happy goat! We’re listening to Van Morrison and soaking up sunshine. :grin:

That table is awesome! Do you rent him out? :grin: I was looking at something similar to the grow bags but they were… felt I think? I think hanging options will be good for this year since I will be fairly limited in what I can do anyway. (With my AI issues so active.) I want raised beds eventually but that’s beyond my abilities this year. I tried plastic planters. It’s not the plants Mocha eats, it’s the planter!. She also just digs. She ate through an old door that was laying out on the dump pile! The kids left my $200 Husqvarna weed eater out last year and she destroyed that. They still owe me some work hours over that one… We required Gini to get a dog run after that and she is either in her yard or supervised most of the time now and as she gets older she is getting a bit less destructive thankfully, but we do let her run arnd the property at night because she runs off coyotes. I have such limited energy this year so I don’t want to get something going and turn arnd and find it destroyed.

Sorry Natalie. I’m selfish. I have lots of jobs on his Honey Do list! This summer he has promised to put a new window in my craft room and then build cubbies and a window seat around it. I only have the one big window in that room and it is under a soffit so the built-ins will look nice and then I can get baskets for the cubbies.

He built a potting bench for me when we moved here. It is awesome. It needs repainting so I won’t post a picture of it ugly. I’m painting it as soon as the weather warms up. It has a sink, faucet and running water - during the summer. He disconnects it for winter. I use it all the time for washing garden filth off my hands and I wash garden veggies there too. Since the sink drain goes into the dirt, I don’t mind washing all the dirt off my root crops at that sink. I’ll post a picture after I paint it.

So cool! I have never heard of a salad table. You have a handy husband!

The potting bench sounds really cool and that window seat will be wonderful!

I’m thinking my little dog, Sophie, will be the main occupant of the window seat. I’m planning on a dog friendly cushion with a washable cover.

I finished a shawl and a pair of socks last month, from carding the wool to spinning to knitting. I want to do the sock challenge for this month. Plus I got my Hutterite antique wheel spinning really good now, and I want to spin the wool for another pair of man’s socks for the sweet brother-in-law who rescued this wheel for me. :slight_smile: And I better get that done before gardening season hits!

AND I got another book cover back from my cover artist so I’m sharing it here. This one releases on August 3rd. It’s the first of 3 historical romances set at the 3 then-British forts that survived Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763. Sarah’s Choice begins it all with Fort Pitt, Maggie’s Release is next at Fort Detroit, and Abigail’s Peace will finish the trilogy at Fort Niagara. I absolutely adore my cover artist - Hannah Mae Linder - and she really hit the nail on the head with this one: