April 2020 Sock KAL - Finished socks only please!

They are looking very pretty.

Oh I have used this before. Nice!!

Thanks, I started the legs in a crocodile stitch that I think looks more like flower petals so may be they will look a little more spring like when done.

Just finished you’re last night. I decided to just do shorties given the time of year and the person I plan to give them to.


I like the cuffs!!

Colors and cuffs are great!

Someone’s going to flip over those!!!

These are fabulous!

Thank you all, I figured crazy socks for crazy times, plus they are going to my crazy little sister who will wear crazy stuff. @Char, have you planned May yet? Maybe we could do crazy sock month?

@Char, clown barf? Hahaha! What if everyone comes up with their own crazies? I think I remember you mention March madness? I never really participated on the forums from that other site but I really liked the new patterns. How bout a free for all with everyone coming up with their own crazy patterns or their favorite crazy ones?

I finished these last week, started on my flight to Australia - chose green in support of Green Socks everywhere and used a plain old vanilla pattern that I’ve used a gazillion times (because knitting on a 24 hr flight requires minimal thinking and great forgiveness for the odd sleep knitting stretch!). Socks (pictured unblocked) got snaffled by self sufficient son and are now down in the bush where he is isolating with his family (good camouflage LOL)


Very nice!!! :slight_smile:

As a side note - our monthly prize comes from down under. :slight_smile:

These are perfect for hiding in the bush. :wink:

Nice socks! Love the green!

@Rose the Rebel - yay! a crazy sock free for all! :slight_smile: Yes, I was heavily involved with Sock madness. We’ll have to do a May Madness :wink:

@knitter131 - clown barf yarn - it is the highly technical term for yarn that when it is knit it appears a clown could have barfed it out. :slight_smile: Very bright, rainbow-y and funky!

Love the colors!

My modified Fairy Dancer. I frogged the first sock because even the small size was too big. This is 60 stitches cast on. I eliminated 4 stitches on each side of the pattern. I like it better this way.


@lovestostitch these are beautiful!

They came out beautiful!!

This is so pretty.