April 2020 - Sock KAL Chatter

Greetings All!!

For our new sock knitters, I try to give advance notice on what patterns we’ll feature so you have time to stash dive. Some months are more than others LOL. So – here is our featured patterns for April’s sock knit along!!

This month’s beginner pattern is Patons Jacquard & Stripe Socks

This month’s featured pattern was found by @Cablegrrl in the free patterns group - Fairy Dancers

Our theme is Easter J

Our color this month is Blue – I am sure wishing for blue skies already and “April Showers” haven’t started yet!

You may also choose any pattern you would like, and amend featured patterns for size and preferences.

Show me what yarn and patterns you choose!

@LizB is donating yarn this month from her Yarns By the Bay Etsy store. She ships from Australia, and dyes some very beautiful yarn. She’s also been known to allow for additional skeins in the same free shipping with the prize – see @LizB for details. :fk: Please remember to show our sponsor some love!J

I love the Fairy Dancers pattern! I’d like to knit those and have plans to use up the leftovers from the last three pair of socks I’ve made.

What color will you make the Fairy Dancer’s? :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I haven’t looked at my stash.

I have picked out yarn to use with the “Jacquard & Stripe Socks”, a blue self striping (I hope!) yarn. This Regia is from a new line of baby sock yarn in 25 gram balls. The yarn is super soft and my first time trying it. It’s a bright blue with light green and light teal colors.


For the “Fairy Dancers Socks”, I am using a blue Cascade Heritage Sock. It looks more lavender in the picture, but it’s a true blue.


I have a pretty light teal that I could use but seeing them done in pink and called Fairy Dancers makes my brain think they have to be ballet slipper pink. I think I’m too literal some times. That or I’m just rationalizing a “need” to buy yarn. :wink:

@Char - Can we do Fairy Dancer as a short cut sock? I never do lacy patterns for my winter socks but I would enjoy a lacy pattern on some summer, short cuts.

Clarification - does it count as doing the pattern if I make them short cut?

Yes and yes :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll have to look through my Hikoo CoBaSi stash.

I look forward to seeing what you pick out. :slight_smile:

Being as I am a “toe up” gal, this pattern isn’t going to work for me. I looked for an Easter themed pattern, but couldn’t find anything I liked. I did find a “Spring” pattern I can modify, called “Split Butterflies”.

I’m ready to get started on my Fairy Dancers!


This is lovely yarn.

I went yarn shopping. :rolleyes:. I followed all the protocols and went to the LYS to give her some business. She has a large table that people gather around and there were a few ladies there stitching. The Prima Cotton isn’t for socks, it’s for a wrap I want to make.


Oohhhh the sheen on that pima cotton - it looks absolutely luscious!

I agree, I’m thinking of making a stole with it for places with enthusiastic AC this summer.

Oh my gosh - they are beautiful!

Pretty colors! You must be one of the states that aren’t locked down. We are ordered to stay home.

We’re not on lockdown, they’re requiring social distancing, and closed all businesses like salons, nail places, tattoo parlors, etc. They’ve also closed anything that could attract tourists, no one can get a room in a hotel or rent a condo, state parks are closed, public access to beaches and boat ramps are closed, etc,