Anyone Interested in a Mystery Knit Along?

Later this fall, I’m thinking about hosting a mkal, clues would drop weekly, plenty of time to knit them between. Somewhere between 8-10 clues, October to just after turkey time. Fingering weight shawl. Shape is a rectangle, with pointy tips, and would be great as a stash buster or even knit in all one color. I’m trying to get a sense of demand for such a thing. Please comment, or post a reply.

For those curious, I’ve been designing for a few years. The pattern I have in mind was gathered last year but I havent been inspired to share it. Yet.

Hi Kerri…I would be interested!

@KerriLee I might be interested, how many yards of yarn would we need?

Total Yardage would fall somewhere around 250? It a decent guess but as I get it tested and edited Ill have a better idea!

OH how fun! :slight_smile:

@KerriLee I love MKALs. I might be interested as well. 250 yards doesn’t seem like very much for a shawl…are you thinking more of a scarf width? Just curious.

In my head, this is a rectangle, about 14” wide and the length can vary. I did a pattern similar in size, available in the marketplace and without double checking, I think it was around 250 grams. So you can see that my jet lag has taken over my math brain. I think a ballpark of 800 yards would be a decent guess.

Of course, this is still developing and despite having some sections fully flushed, I dont know the overall dimensions or weight yet. But yall have me excited to get this in the test lab now!

Where could I see some of your designs to give me an idea on your style?

Kerri Lee Designs in the marketplace. Not sure how to link to the store, and only 3 patterns so far, I’m working hard to get more designs for everybody!

I went to the Our Vendors link in the marketplace and scrolled through the list.

I think I would be interested. Thx

Ahh…thanks for clarifying. Your other post said 250 YARDS. 250 grams makes a bit more sense for a shawl.

Always, they can be addicting. MKALs

I would be interested.

I would be interested. I love KALs and MKALs. The community that they can create in their groups is amazing.

I’m interested. What kind of stitches? Lace? Garter?

I am interested also

I would love to join in on an MKAL

I’d love to join, if I can get my holiday knitting under control.

I would be interested, I did one a long time ago and it was so fun!