Any machine knitters here?

As the only knitter in the fam my grandmother left me her old knitting machine. Wondering if anyone here actively uses one? Are knitting machines still a thing?

Absolutely. There are quite a few KMs who will come over from the old site. I use 3 KM, a Passap 5mm (fine gauge), an LK 150 6.5 mmm (med gauge) and an SK150 9 mm (bulky) and of course I also hand knit. The mm I refer to is the distance between needles. Non-Passap fine gauge are usually 4.5mm.
Personally I do not divide projects into KM vs HK, because many projects can be most efficiently done by using both.

After seeing all of your names and numbers had to take a look at mine. It’s a Studio Electronic, I am oblivious beyond that. I’ll have to set it up, wind some wool then seek out a YouTube for it. I should’ve paid more attention when my grandmother knit with it.

Passap pinky w/ Deco & 4 colorchanger. Shes a beast to push, but I love her. All plain knit & tuck work including tuck lace done on her. I also use her preferrentially for any & all rib work. (I make & sell bomber quilted jackets & all ribs are made on the Passap - it is perfection. - much better than ribs done with weighted hems.)

Superba 9000. Colorwork specialist. Duo yarn feed is invaluable.

Toyota 901- a lace specialist

For worsted - the Bond Classic. I abandoned it for decades but Im using it again now. Mainly for warmer heavier sweaters, tho double bed work on any of the above is plenty thick.

I am one own a Singer 700, Singer 155, lace carriage, weaving, co,our changer and rubbers. I also own a 970 Brother + ribber, colour changer and garter carriage 95.
All in learning mode lol…

Present! I’ve got a few knitting machines, Profile 550, Studio 323, Knit Smart, Bonds (multiple) and a KnitKing 4500 I’m trying to clean up and replace pushers in. Also some plastic circular knitters, Innovations particularly. I use the Bonds and the Profile the most. Bonds are great for worsted and big afghans, I like the Profile for thin thread.:cool:

Hi all! I have an LK140, an SK700, a Bond and an SK103. I mostly use the 140 and the 700.

Hi. As a former Studio dealer of more than 20 years, most of my machines are Studio, but I also own a Brother 260. Most of my work is currently on plastic bed machines…LK 150, Brother KX 350, and I also just combined a Brother KX 400 with a Knitking Dual Gauge to make an extended bed dual gauge machine. I’m also the owner/admin of a few Facebook groups that focus on plastic bed machines. It’s really amazing what these simple machines can do; in many ways it’s more like hand knitting, or at least like a bridge between hand knitting and punchcard or electronic models.

Brother 930 and motorized Brother 270. Loved them both but my ancient eyes having too many problems seeing the fine gauge needles of the 930 any more so reluctantly sold it.
Now days the bulky machine gets more use. and I hand knit less and less fine yarn items. As long as I am revealing my ancient status I should also say I am nearly computer illiterate so never sure I am mastering how to use this new site or it is mastering me. Happy knitting everyone. Dee

I too am a machine knitter as well as a hand knitter. Can’t seem to find time to do much MK anymore but have two new great grandbabies and a third one expected so finally after 23 years have babies to knit for-- good incentive. I have a Brother 260, a Brother KX350, a Brother 940 and a Brother 910 with garter carriage. All work well but along with Dee, old age (approaching 87) limits my usage. Looking forward to this site

I have Singer LK100, LK140, SK150, SK700 and acquired Singer 560 and Brother 260 that need refurbishing.

Machine knitter here too. I have an SK280 but still trying to figure it all out. Hoping to make something other than a long rectangle one day.

Hi! I have a 4 brothers, a Passap (oldie but goodie), a Toyota that is taken apart being rehabbed, a Studio and I think that’s all. I found a Knit Smart at a thrift store, moved to an USM (yeah, I know) and then found my beloved old Passap at an estate sale. From there I found a Studio, then the Brothers. If I had the room and the money, I would buy every knitting machine I found! I am self taught via books and youtube. My DH helps with KM extreme makeovers, because he is VERY mechanical. My gauges are 4.5, 5 and 9 mm. I’ve been asking for a mid-gauge but so far have not been able to talk fast enough.

At one point, I owned 5 machines. I’m down to a KnitKing standard gauge and a Brother bulky.

I wonder if you know anything about Singer 888? It is about 50 + years old!
Did Singer change to Studio?

I have an LK 150 and a Brother 250 (I think). Haven’t used them in ages. Sure wish I could find someone near Boise Idaho who was interested.

I have a Singer 150, Singer 155, Brother 910, and Brother 940. I’m trying to improve my knowledge and skills in using them all.

I have a Brother 860. Don’t laugh! I still have the sweaters that I made way back when it was new. Love it! I haven’t used it in awhile. I will probable have many question. Its still in like new condition. I keep it covered with a cloth when its not in use. This site looks interesting. Thank you to the ones that started this site. I’m sure I will love it.

Hello all: I’m a MKr from MA. I have a Singer 700 standard w-ribber, lace, cards, Singer 150 bulky knitter, a few Brothers (KH910 & ribber KR850.) I also subscribe to Knit It Now website, where I get alot of help on fundamentals, and lots of ideas, too! Happy to join you here. NZ

I haven’t machine knit in a while and I don’t have anything fancy, but Incredible Sweater Machine is a workhorse.