Any Gluten Free'ers here?

With or with out other allergies or intolerances, all welcome.

Yes ma’am! I have Celiac’s so I’m 100% GF, and have been for about 15 years since DX. Almost all the food pics I post on my Instagram are GF and I love sharing recipes!!

Hello Bean from sunny Florida, I went Gf in 2009, no diagnosis but I knew as soon as I started that it was the right thing to do. I’m so glad that the admin here are working so hard to get this palce set up so we can have again everything we lost on Rav. I want to eventually start a GF/ Allergy group if we can get up enough people for it.

I’m celiac, and I eat Keto, mostly carnivore. I don’t eat out much, these days.

Sounds awesome!

I went gluten free around 2013 to support my husband. Celiac runs in his family and he is definitely at least gluten intolerant. We slowly migrated to low-ish carb, then keto, and now mostly carnivore. My only regret is not starting life this way! We both feel great and can run people half our age ragged.

ETA: I was also dairy free for awhile, but managed to heal my gut so I can enjoy dairy again. Didn’t actually believe it was possible until the day my husband talked me into testing a piece of cheese “just to see”…and no consequences!

I and then my husband began eating Carnivore–specifically zero plants May and June of last year, 2018. He was free of Type 2 Diabetes inside of 6-8 months. No longer on medication. Our guts have healed and we have more energy, motivation and stamina than previously. I was certain I was going to die sooner, rather than later at age 62 — likely before the end of that year unless I did something drastic.

I found Carnivore via mention of Shawn Baker, M.D. in a forum dissing him. This is the only way of eating I had never tried, so I had nothing to lose.
I’ve gained my health back and lost 50 pounds in 12 months.
Still scale and size loss happening as I have another 50 +/- to go. And my house is getting a good cleaning and clean out. So much not done for the last several years as my brain and body just weren’t making it happen.

A friend/coworker asked if I wanted some pizza (at work they have lunch a couple times a month for $5 for their fund raiser.) I said, “You know what I eat, right?” Yes, but I thought you might like a treat." “No, it would be cheating me. Pizza has always given me indigestion and reflux.” She then stated, her father liked pizza, too, but couldn’t eat it either.

So gluten went off my diet when meat only or animal products (dairy) or eggs…so most likely gluten intolerant for me, too. Eggs aren’t staple…never have been but occasionally. Dairy is also occasional (cream or cheese or butter). Not a fan of chicken.

Just meat makes my body happy and satisfied. Most meaty beef cuts (no organs or head to tail for me) and boneless pork shoulder butt cut into steaks or thinner are my go to meats. Bacon once or twice a month and I use the bacon fat for frying up ground beef. And I drink water or decaf tea…weaned off coffee for the most part.

Hello! I am someone who has allergies and sensitivities. I found out few years ago, by accident, that flour makes me bloated, gives me indigestion and pain in digestive system. Long story short, I learned that flour in US has bromine added to it. Bromine mimics celiac symptoms!
As long as I buy non bromated baked goods and flour, I am fine.
Pepperidge farm sells breads without bromine and there are flours without bromine for baking.
Bromine makes some baked goods rise better and fluffy. It is an additive that is outlawed in many countrie due to be possible carcinogenic agent. If I buy imported goods with flour, I have no problems either.
I hope this helps someone.

That’s fascinating! I seem to recall something about bromine and fluoride being hard on the thyroid too.

I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy over 20 years ago. Wheat is a migraine trigger for me. My husband and I have been eating low-carb/keto for quite a while.

I use to suffer from migraines, some 20 plus years. It started with b’control pills they gave me to help with endometriosis pain and bleeding. I had hysterectomy at 28 but the migraines continued till about 17 years ago. They just stopped.
We’ve been on low carb/keto style diet since about 3 months ago and I feel great.I was told wheat is not what it use to be.

Count me in. DF/GF & AIP

Me! My husband is celiac so I went GF with him. Who knew I would feel so much better after going GF. Now I wish I had been formally tested because I probably have celiac too (long story and symptom list now gone since going GF). I’m also lactose intolerant and can’t eat xanthan gum.

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