Any Double Knitters here?

Hi I am interested in Double knitting right now, I have finished a hot pad, and a couple of reversible scarves. I am moving on to double knit hats and finger-less gloves. I am aiming to do a blanket in the future. Have you done any double knitting?



I teach double knitting. I mostly teach students to make pot holders and coasters in my classes. Your projects are lovely!

Nice projects. I have done double knitting in the past but not for a while.

I’m going between brioche or double knit for a project when I finish my socks… Or I may do another set socks because my husband loves them… Then definitely time to change

Thank You KnittyProfessor ,blush, I look forward to all the inspiration!

Solsken, I could never have the discipline for one project at a time, I move between projects as the spirit moves me… I have sweaters, socks, hats and DBL knit fingerless-gloves right now… !

Hi! I actually have a separate post asking for help with some double knitting. I should have started with something smaller than a blanket! Your projects look really nice!

the small project I started with was very challenging, but reasoned after I completed it I should be able to tackle anything. I do have a blanket in my future as well, Santa and Sleigh…

I have only done 1 double knitting project, but I really enjoyed it.

@fiddlesticks2 Excellent!

i have a book on double knitting. It is a new skill I am learning. So far I have made a scarf for my son.

Wonderful! Yes I am learning from a book as well. Time to learn new things! Would love to see your scarf…any pics?

I decided to have a go at double knitting - start as you mean to go on right? - with Il Burato, a sockmatician pattern. I’m now 20/28ths of the way through but this was a couple of patterns ago



I really like those colors!

Wow! Brave and i am in awe…

My mom is a double knitter. She said that she was spending too much money on yarn, so she started double knitting to slow her self down. Haha. Love everyone’s pics♡

I’ve enjoyed double-knitting… mostly small projects: decorative heels of socks, scarves, doll items.

That is beautiful! It’s so intricate, I can’t imagine taking it on with young kids in the house… but someday I’d love to try.

Wow! That is amazing!

I used to do quite a bit of double knitting. The Knit Star Scarf from Crafty Chick Knits was one of my favorite quick and easy projects. This is the one I made for my son who was in the Navy. The pattern is out of print now, but I found it intact on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. If you’d like to check out the pattern, I’ve pasted the link below:


I know how to double knit, but I haven’t actually completed a pattern using it… just started a coaster to teach myself and frogged it. :slight_smile: