any designers among us, or other knowledgeable members, using croquis?

…specifically body-positive, or all-shapes/sizes croquis, in their design presentations? i’m discovering they’re tough to find, especially for male bodies, and it would be nice to have them for apparel designs i’m working on. has some nice options, but they’re all female, and spaced out on the site blog style, with no way to see all at once, or search a database. seems like it’d be a good source, but they have limited options once you sign up, and it’s a paid app for more content.

anyway, any help, suggestions, resources, would be greatly appreciated.

thanks! :wink:

I’m not a designer but I (try to) sew and have seen a discussion on Pattern Review. This may help you …

Some have dressed simply (females in tights/leotards) and had a friend/DH/SO snap their picture from various angles. The photos can be manipulated or simply printed and traced over to make a croqui. Some have done this to help them get an idea if a particular style would suit them before going to all the expense and trouble of sewing up a pattern.

Just throwing this out in case there is a guy in your life who would model in boxer briefs and a snug T-shirt?? Or maybe a suitable image could be lifted from the web somewhere as a starting point?

I have always used sewing patterns - knit or crochet to “fit” but usually one size larger AND have the piece “fit” edge to edge including seam allowance to allow ease.

hmm… i get how that can work when sizing/shaping a garment but a croquis is not the same as a pattern piece… so how does that work when you’re trying to get model illustrations for what it looks like when worn?

Do you make a trial garment?

I do that sometimes and it’s helpful. It doesn’t take long to just baste it together, do a quick try on and then decide if I should keep going. I wish I had done that before spending weeks knitting my first EZ yoke sweater. It was a fun knit but I looked like a giant beach ball when I put it on. (No offense to beach balls - it just wasn’t the look I was going for).

thanks for the suggestions. :wink: