Any Addi knitters here?

I was already a loom knitter, but was looking for a way to produce more items, faster (I crochet, knit and sew for charity… so I am always on the look out for ways to put more items into hands that need them, faster). My Addis (s) are arriving shortly. Looking for folks to share trial, tribulations and tips with!

@FlamingoStitcher I don’t have an Addi but I always thought they were pretty cool! I’m sure the folks here would love to see yours and what you make. I hope you post lots of pictures!

I most certainly will… waiting most impatiently for them to arrive! In the meantime, I’m keeping the crochet hook VERY busy… LOL

I can imagine your anticipation. It’s always so fun to get a new toy! Hope it arrives soon.

Lifelong knitter here. About fifteen years ago I bought some Addis for a project. I fell in love and bought more. Worth every penny in my opinion.

Thanks Hellokitten! That’s great to hear! I got a pretty good deal on the pair, calling it a birthday present to me (hey, if you’re not good to yourself, who’s gonna be, am I right???

Thank you… it’s coming up soon. Maybe if I get lucky, it will be on my doorstep that day (oh yes… that would be lovely!)

Early birthday wishes and I can’t wait to hear what you think about your Addis.

Thanks FreedomLover… I’m sure I’m going to love them!

Hellokitten: What weight yarn do the Addis use?

#4 worsted weight

Sorry for my absence lately, y’all… life has been weird here lately. However… my Addis FINALLY arrived (took over 7 weeks… not getting into it, but there was a lot of… Bovine Scatology… involved with the seller… loooooong story!).

That being said… I love the Addi, I really do!! I’ve made some neat reversible hats that I donated to Operation Gratitude for our troops… they turned out pretty well! I’ll have to upload some of the pictures from my phone that I took of them. Easy peasy to make, the part that takes the longest is closing it up. It’s a great, fun machine, and if you do “production line” work like I do for a slew of charities, you can do so much more in less time. I give it 2 thumbs WAY UP!!

I’ve had my Addi Kingsize for a couple of weeks, so far just playing with it, getting used to the tension. I made a few charity hats, I’m looking forward to making a few afghans. I picked up a couple of pattern books that have given me some ideas. I’ve watched a lot of videos and joined a fb group, both have helped a lot.

It seems well made and has been fun!

Quick tip for you if yours starts skipping or dropping stitches… run your yarn through a piece of wax paper in your “guide” hand… works like a charm!!

Hehehe. Absolutely! Happy Birthday😊

My Addi Kingsize should be on the way. Excited to give it a try :blush::blush: