Affiliates and such

I hope this finds you all well and finding comfort in your extra crafting time. J Words can’t say enough how much we all need each other. Be sure to share what you are working on, maybe send a personal uplifting message to someone who might be down. Little touches make everyone’s days a little more bright and enjoyable.

I need to give a big shout out to @Wyogal and, and @KnitSwag Etsy-knitswag are our paid advertisers. Please support these businesses as they support FiberKind in a BIG way.

If you would like to support FiberKind through paid advertising, please let me know – I would be happy to put your ads front and center!

I am happy to report our affiliate programs are working. I have had some questions on affiliate programs and the ads on FiberKind so I thought I’d put some answers out here for everyone. The Bluprint promotion brought in nearly a half month’s web hosting fees. Thank you for all who signed up during their special promotion. I hope you are enjoying their free classes.

I have tried to select ads that will relate to crafting and things we all enjoy. These advertisers contribute between 4% and 20% of your total sale (at no cost to you) when you click through our website. Every dollar counts and combined help a great deal for paying for web hosting, software maintenance and other necessary costs of running the site.

Here is a list of our affiliates (I intend to keep this up to date):
Blick Art Materials – also has yarn and weaving supplies
The Woolery
Leisure Arts
Knit Picks
Annie’s Catalog
Annie’s Hook and Needle Club
Orchard Yarn (Lion Brand)
CV Sciences (PlusCBD)
Ice Yarns
Thread Art
Swing Design
My Vinyl Direct
Paradise Fibers
Amazon (website only, does not work through the ap).
Sewing Machines Plus
Connecting Threads
Green Fairy Quilts
Dyer Supplier
Knit Crate
Memory Stitch

The donations received and the monthly recurring donations are so much appreciated. Thank each one of you for the generosity you have given to FiberKind. If you wish to make a donation you may use the PayPal link at the bottom of the page.

Newly added:

Ice Yarns

Newly Added:


And - they are offering free shipping until midnight tonight!

It looks like this link isn’t working, for some reason.

It appears the affiliate group I use for Yarnspirations (none of the others, though) is currently down - all of it. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when it is back up. Thank you!

@rkennell - I just received an email that the Yarnspirations link is back up and running - I verified it is working! Thank you.

@Char - thanks! Good to know!

I thought I would copy this here, since it appears one of our affiliates may be closing…

Bluprint is having an “up to 60% off” through Monday 5/25/20. I was eyeing some dyeable yarn at good prices. :slight_smile:

Shop Bluprint This Memorial Day!
(Contains an affiliate link)

Just a heads up - it appears mybluprint may be closing. That is the buzz on some of the groups I watch anyway. So - if you enjoy anything specific to Bluprint, you might consider stocking up.

Sad to hear about Bluprint. It’s a valuable resource for the crafting community, especially with so many companies closed due to Covid-19.

Thread Art is a new affiliate of ours! :slight_smile:

Thread Art

Looks fascinating and I don’t even have an embroidery machine! :slight_smile: Thanks for growing our list of affiliates!

A warm welcome to @KnitSwag to our list of advertisers - please show her Knit Swag shop some love. :slight_smile:

Also, welcome Swing Design to our group of affiliate advertisers. Swing Design sells Cricut and Silhouette machines and supplies.

Amazon is now an affiliate of FiberKind.

On a side note - if you ever place an order with any of our affiliates and are unsure if FiberKind has received credit, please feel free to send an order date and order number and I can double check for you. Every once in a while one falls through the cracks.

I am so thrilled! So many of us use Amazon and this is an excellent affiliate option!

Welcome to My Vinyl Direct to our list of affiliates!

If you have anyone you would like to see if I can get an affiliate from, please let me know!

Yay! I’ll be sure and invite my niece to this site–I wonder if we should start a Cricut forum??? She makes T-shirts to sell and does an incredible job.

Welcome Paradise Fibers to our list of affiliates!

If you have any questions about our affiliates or how they help fund FiberKind, please let me know!

Just an FYI - I now have an affiliate link that should work for Amazon’s home page. :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

Amazon apparently only tracks for the website, not the in-ap purchases. I uninstalled the ap on my phone and now my purchases are showing up.