Ads on Page

I know that ads are necessary, however, being non-computer savvy, is there a way of reducing their size? It seems that the Unravelry heading and ad along side of it takes up most of my screen making me have to scroll a good way down in order to see content. Is there a setting I can change on my computer to compensate for that? I can’t make the font smaller or I will have to have my nose pressed up against the monitor in order to read anything! I look forward to your help.

Agree with this. At least, could the top right ad be the same size (horizontal rectangle) as the top left ad? The disparity is jarring.

Or, viewers could always do what I now do (because of the size disparity and the disproportionate space taken up by the big square ad) . . . as data comes in and my screen begins showing the customary background color for this site, I immediately head south. If ads for any reason offend people, they will find a way to avoid seeing them.

@susanwayne @Amore they are the same size now :slight_smile: Not so lopsided! Admin is so cool.

Woo-HOO! The two top ads are now the same (small) size! Yay hurray Admin!

Once I reach the payout threshhold for the Google one on the right I’ll shut that one off, it doesn’t do very well and I’d rather switch to more topic based ads. We do have 2 vendors from the site with ads now!

That’s wonderful news, Admin! You are doing such a great job with this site!

Is there a way to see all the ads currently running? I know I can just keep refreshing a page and get the next ad to pop, but it would be easier to just go to a page that shows all of them at once.

@ilexedits I’d like this too if it’s not currently available. Maybe as the site grows there could be a page where we can view all of the vendor ads.

I imagine I could put something together, if I have time tonight I’ll look into it.