Adding Photos to a Post

I increased the size limits on pictures so that should work better now as well.

That was awesome! Thank you so much for showing us how to do this.

perhaps this will help

@Admin, My photos uploaded and appeared in my posts.
Several hours later POOF! they were gone.
What caused them to disappear?
Will they automatically, magically, automagically reappear??
Or what steps must I take…? Edit posts…? Upload photos again…? Will they stay this time…?
Anything else I should know…?
Thank you for your time.

Thank you SO much. This is much easier (& works better) than what I was doing before.

If I add a photo and add text so that when you scroll over it you can see what it is about, it will show up under my profile in the media tab. However, if I go to add that photo to another post, the text does not stay with the photo. Is there a way to do this. Hoping this makes sense.

@Admin - I’m having problems adding photos too. If I click on the camera, it takes me through the steps but all I can get is a small thumbnail shot. I tried various ways of doing it and at some point, I got a bar that listed photo size. I ended up with two medium sized photos and a thumbnail in my post. I have no idea how I got the medium sized ones. I tried to go back and edit out two of the three pictures. It would not let me remove the thumbnail. Is there a tutorial somewhere on the site to explain how to do photos?

There’s this thread:

If you use the “mountain” icon in the row of icons above the input box it will let you upload and put photo’s in-line in the text. If you use the “camera” icon in the upper left it will upload the pictures as thumbnails and the users will have to click on them for full size pictures.

I pinned the above post to help keep it near the top so it’s easier to find.

I had read through those threads but I still have issues. The above post does clarify that if you use the camera icon, you can only get a thumbnail so that’s good to know. I’ve been experimenting with the mountain icon and I can get it to work but it also posts a thumbnail. When I go to edit out the thumbnail, you can’t tell which one is the medium size and which one is the thumbnail. I just had to experiment to figure out which one to delete so it’s possible to get the task done but it’s cumbersome.

I think the thumbnail is only visible to you while you’re editing the post, once it’s posted it’s a fullsize image I think. I’ll test it below.

Screenshot from 2019-08-28 18-46-32.png

^^ So using the mountain once it’s posted there is no thumbnail just the regular size image.

Is there any way to do a ‘drag-&-drop’? When I try to upload from the mountain a lot of stuff is asked that I don’t understand (ie send to server, etc). I just keep clicking stuff until either my pic uploads or I get frustrated & quit. Also I can’t seem to resize once it does actually upload (select -> drag corner in to make smaller). Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.

Testing. I used the “mountain” button for this one.

Moss Stitch Bookmark Close Up.jpg

Testing again. I used the “upload attachments” button for this one.

Moss Stitch Bookmark Close Up.jpg

I’d like to know this too. I finally just had to take a picture with my iPad. My phone pictures are too mighty for it to handle. :rofl::rofl: