Adding Photos to a Post

Could you post a little step by step for me? There are so many options! Thanks!

Agree! I was having problems as well.

There is a camera at the top corner of the post. Click that and scroll down, then you will be able to click on “upload”



Thank you @Char !!! I’m going to steal your photos in a bit to make a tutorial.

Awesome!!! Glad to help!

That’s much easier. Before I had clicked the image button in the tool bar and a big dialog box came up.


Very pretty!

I am getting an error message stating that my photos are too big. Any way that they can be automatically resized in the upload process? I don’t know how to resize my photos on my iphone.

I found an android app called Batch Photo that might be helpful.

@Char Oh, that is so much easier than the ‘mountain’ icon. Though if you want to resize while you upload, the ‘mountain’ icon will let you. You will have to name the picture to be able to upload it.



@dekpass I completely missed the mountain. Tells you how observant I am.

Thanks so much, @Char! I was having trouble with photos last night too, so I really appreciate your help!

I was using the tiny mountain icon too, lol.  Thank you for the tutorial!


You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to insert pictures into the text? I usually like to post a photo with a description that goes with it in the body of the message, and then another picture…etc. Thus far it is just putting all the pictures at the bottom of the post (on the blog page) and won’t let me edit the order that they were uploaded (even though I selected them in the order I wanted them).

Just testing the camera button here to see if it goes through as an inline photo or an attachment.

Baby Boy Pullover.jpeg

When I use the camera icon, the photo appears below the text. I will now try the “mountain” icon (insert image) to see if I can intersperse photos throughout my post:

Now I will post another image and enter text below it:

Cool - when you enter images in this way, a little black square appears in the corner of your photo and you can click and drag to resize it! I think this would be my preferred way to enter photos. I can try to make a little screencast video to show how I am doing this. :slight_smile:

Baby Boy Pullover.jpeg


Just fooling around here to see if I can upload a picture…


Here is a short screencast that I made explaining how to insert images within the body of your post. I will tag @Admin in case this ends up being a useful video. :cool:


That was very helpful Techyarnie! Thank you!