Addi Swing Maxi Crochet Hooks

Has anyone tried Addi Swing Maxi crochet hooks? I like the Addi Swing, they feel comfortable in my hand, but I found the working part of the hook was quite short, and quite a lot of that was the sloping part, so I could not get many stitches on the straight part. From what I can see, the Maxi has a longer handle, but does it have a longer hook, too?

@pinesprairie Thanks for that. I have sent off for one to try, actually from Addi’s UK supplier (it was cheaper!) but it will be a few days until it arrives, so I will let you know how it is when it arrives.

Oh yes, please do post when you’ve given it a go.

Hi @WeeBizzom I tried both types of Swing hooks and they just didn’t agree with me. Too bulky to hold, so went back to plain classic hook.

@WeeBizzom I had the same problem with the swing hooks, but I do love the feel of the handle. I don’t crochet very often, partly because it hurts my wrist. It’s better with the swing hooks, so I’ll have to try the maxi hooks.

@5xhappy Funnily enough, I only like thick handles on thick hooks that I am going to use with thick yarn. I prefer the classic type with thin hooks and thin yarn. I know it’s not very logical, given that it is the handle, not the hook, but I seem to have a “thick mindset” and a “thin mindset” :confused:

Never thought of it in such way but yes, we all have individual hacks and how-to’s. A plain sewing thread and tiny 0.4mm hook is my favourite way of crocheting.

An update as promised. My Addi Swing Maxi arrived yesterday. I only ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday morning, so kudos to Addi Needles UK and Royal Mail.

I have tried it out and I find the handle is a bit too long for my hands. It could just be the way I hold my work, but I hold the hook knife-style and anchor the loop on the hook with my index finger while I finish the rest of the stitch. With this handle, my hand is too far back and with the handle being shaped, I can’t just move it forward a bit. The handle on the standard Swing fits my hand better. For perspective, my hand measures approximately 6.5 inches from the bend of my wrist to the tip of my middle finger, and 7 inches around my knuckles.

The hook part is slightly longer on the Maxi than on the standard, but not a lot, less than an inch, some of that is the sloping area and I don’t think it is enough to justify having to put up with the too-long handle and paying extra. I actually have a larger working area with my Pony Easy Grip hooks, which have almost-straight padded handles (not sure if they are rubber or plastic), so I can move forward if I need to, and they are a lot cheaper, too. A 6mm Pony Easy Grip costs £2.59 from Wool Warehouse and a 6mm Addi Swing Maxi costs £7.75 from Addi Needles UK. (Wool Warehouse only have the standard Swing, not the Maxi, and Addi Needles UK don’t sell Pony, so I can’t make a true comparison, but close enough.)

What I really need is the handle of the standard Swing and the hook of the Maxi, but even if that was possible, I would still have more working area and save money with the Pony hooks, so I will just stick with Pony for now.

Quick delivery! Thanks so much for the information. Your description of the handle makes me think I wouldn’t care for it either so appreciate you saving me the $. The photo makes it look like the handle is just a little longer and the hook much longer so it seems to be one of those you just have to try. Also, good to know they are that much more.