Addi Flexiflips your input requested

Hi Sock knitters…Wondering if anyone is using the Addi Flexiflips for knitting and if so, could you tell me the following: Your overall impression. Do you use the regular or extra long. Did these replace magic loop or double points.
I have been knitting socks for about 15 years, and knit both ML and DPNs, but am not really in love with either method so I am looking for a new option.

Thanks for your input and Happy Trails,


@rollinge , I am not a sock knitter but I have recently used Flexiflips to make a stuffed toy. The process, at least to me, seems to be a combination of magic loop and dpns… if that makes any sense. I was pleased not to see the laddering I experienced when using those options in the past.


They’re absolutely brilliant, wouldn’t go back to dpns now. Never got the hang of magic loop.

@rollinge, I make all our toe-up socks with any of the several sock recipes in Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One. It’s a twist on the heel-flap style of socks where instead of working the flap, then knitting up stitches along its vertical edges, you actually increase as you work your way up the foot (or down the leg, for cuff-down), then you work the flap across the back of the heel (or under the heel, for cuff-down), joining the end of each “heel flap” row with one of the increased “gusset” (her term is “arch expansion”) stitches via a decrease. (Since it never flaps around loose, “heel flap” is probably not the most precise term.) The finished socks look reasonably the same as the more traditional style of heel-flap socks. You can see pics on any of my sock projects at

For socks and other small-diameter tubes, I work on two circs, adding a third on socks about a third to halfway through the “arch expansion” increases described above, but that’s only because it strains the stitches and my hands too much if I don’t. Yes, by the time I turn the heel, I’m dealing with a, uh, hexapus of dangling circ tips, but I can’t push them out of the stitches the way I always did with DPNs, no matter how roughly I shove a sock WIP in my knitting bag.

Honestly, the only way you’ll know if you like the Flexiflips is to try them out. You might be the only person on the planet who likes them (you’re not) or hates them (you’re not). If you could find someone near you, or if your LYS carries them, you could test-drive before you buy. But if you don’t have that option, you could bite the bullet and buy a set, then if you hate them, you could probably destash them here pretty easily.

I like them for sock knitting! I hate laddering and these seem to diminish that problem somewhat. It did take a little bit to get used to, but after that things went smoothly. I tried them for a sleeve once and there were just too many stitches to either needle to handle without loosing some. I went back to magic loop for that. I also don’t mind dpns, but I see more ladders with that.

Thank you so much for starting this thread. I never heard of them until now and I’m dying to give them a try!

I bought some of these but haven’t tried them yet…I have never knitted socks, Christmas stockings, but not socks. I bought them to try sock knitting…I haven’t gotten my nerve up yet to start.

During my travels this week I discovered Hiya Hiya has their own version named Flyers.

I tried the Flexis when they first came out. Didn’t like them. Addi put one of each tip on them so… pointy one end sharp the other. That means that you are knitting with opposing points. Not a fan.

I tried the Hiya Flyer (sharp) and liked them much better. Same tip on each end makes increases/decreases much easier. I actually traded a pair of Flexis for Flyers.

I like the Flyers and have noticed that I have no ladders when I knit my socks with them. I get ladders with all other methods.

I tried them a bit, but I haven’t managed to get used to them yet. I was really excited to get them, but we are fighting at the moment! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe once we have a bit of a break, we can try again. :slight_smile: