Addi CraSy Trio or FlexiFlips

Does anyone know whether Addi CraSy Trio and Addi FlexiFlips are the same, just with different names? Or is there a difference? From what I can see, they look the same, but CraSy Trio are in the UK and FlexiFlips are in the US. I quite like the look of them, but it would be good to know what I am buying.

Same thing, marketed with different names for here and abroad.

@lsmrcd Thanks, that is helpful :slight_smile:

Sleeves of baby cardigans, jumpers, baby socks are so much easier with them. The best price is from Woolstack.

@5xhappy Thank you, I will have a look. I am always interested in a bargain :slight_smile:

I have been a devoted fan of DPNs for years, and I still don’t really like circulars. Someone said using DPNs was like wrestling a porcupine - well, using circulars is, to me, like wrestling a porcupine plus a herd of snakes (or whatever the collective noun for snakes is)! These look like the best of both worlds - fingers crossed.

Most recently I used a set for making a stuffed baby zebra and it was way easier than previous toy attempts with DPNs.

I received 2 sets of Addi CraSy Trio needles when I ordered two size 6 (with 24" cables) Addis from Amazon. I was quite surprised when these tiny needles arrived. Rather than hassle with a return, I just kept them. Since they’re size 6, I can’t really use them for socks, but I do use them to knit the tiny arms of bears for the Mother Bear Project. I’ve become quite fond of them.

Interesting - I had no idea they made them that big!