Acorn Willows Sale and Support for Our Unraveled

Hi everyone! I wanted to get this posted in our new lovely forum too! I am having a sale in my Etsy shop until the 19th! Just put OURUNRAVELED as the coupon code at checkout and you will receive 10% off of your purchase (always free shipping to the US) AND 10% will be donated to Our Unraveled to help with their fees for beginning this new site ? So many of you have purchased and I can’t thank you enough! It’s so nice to see all of this amazing support in our new community!

Got my minis today, they look and feel great and thanks for the tea!

Love this yarn, will definitely be buying more in the future

@PassthePeace1@rochelle59 I am so glad to hear that you love the yarn! Thank you! :heart:

Love my yarn! Pink Luna. Shawl plans :thinking:

@Lysavini I am so glad you like it! Please share the shawl pic when you are done! :heart:


Hi everyone! Your support has been amazing! I really appreciate it and I know Our Unraveled does too! I just wanted to let you know that I have added some BFL to the shop and a few others as well! I will be adding more over the next few days!

I just ordered, though it didn’t take the coupon code.

That’s odd, I had the code set until the 19th! I’ll refund you the 10% :wink: Thank you for your support!

Thanks, AcornWillows! I appreciate it. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person.

More yarn is in the shop! 100% Fine Merino and BFL! I had to keep a skein of Red Sky in the Morning for myself! :wink::blush:

Got my order a couple of days ago - 80/20 SW Merino/nylon fingering in color “First Frost”! Love it! So soft & beautiful color. And, thank you for fixing my “Our Unraveled” discount mistake :slight_smile: As soon as I have a chance to figure out the photo process here, I will add photos of the yarn. Looking forward to a beautiful pair of socks for myself.


I am so glad to hear that you love it! I would love to see the socks when you are done!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a group (Acorn Willows) on here as well! This way you can share your creations and we can create a closer community!

I made an announcement a few days ago that I was moving my shop to Baroqoo but there is an issue with checkout for customers right now. I have decided to remain at Etsy until this can be fixed.

Hi Acorn! Just saw your post on baroqoo and took a look at your shop…by the way, your yarns are lovely! I have not heard of this site and am wondering what you think about it so far. I am on Etsy now, rollingeranch, and also sell from my own website, but am always looking for new venues. Appreciate your input :slight_smile: Diana

@rollinge Hello! Thank you! You have a lovely shop! Beautiful yarn, hooks, and stitch markers! I love the big yarn! I am brand new there but so far I love it! I only pay $2.49 a month. There are no other fees. I can also link my social media and my own website right in my Baroqoo shop! It’s perfect and cheaper than anything else I’ve seen. They approve each post which normally only takes a few minutes. They are being very careful to make sure it’s just handmade items and nothing mass produced. I love that about them. A big change with Etsy is that now that they have allowed mass produced stuff, they no longer benefit you with their own traffic really. I know people used to flock to Etsy for that. But being drowned out by mass production, now you have to drive your own traffic there anyway. So I figured I would try somewhere less expensive that also integrates my social media. Because I was driving all of my visits to Etsy, I’ve already gotten the same amount of traffic on Baroqoo that I did on Etsy just by doing what I normally do!

@rollinge There is a bit of an issue for customers at checkout. I am going to stick with Etsy for now.

Hi Acorn…Thanks for the input on Baroqoo…sorry you are having issues with it. I will say that I was not impressed with the look and feel of the place. I took a look at supplies, knitting, and found knitting bee mass produced yarn…obviously not hand made. For all of Etsy’s flaws, it really is the only game in town for online craft selling. But, if things change for the better on Baroqoo, I would love to hear about it :slight_smile: