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Ready for another Stashbusting challenge? If you’re new to the challenge, welcome!

2023 Stashbusting MAL Guidelines are in the posts below.

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nothing to see here.

Ready for another Stashbusting challenge? If you’re new to the challenge, welcome!

2023 Stashbusting MAL Guidelines

Everyone starts at zero - Whether you join at the beginning of the year or mid-year.
All yarn in your stash counts. 
Skeins counts as +2
Partials are considered a ball & count as +1 point when you use it up.
Points are rewarded with no regard as to how the yarn leaves your stash (projects, gifts, donations, trash, the dog ate it.)

Using partial skeins - When a partial skein is used, earn +1pt. When the remainder of the skein is used(which is now referred to as a “ball”), earn the other point. +1
Adding to stash - Whatever form new yarn comes in (skein, hank, ball, cake, etc.), it’s a skein added to the stash with a -2 point value. Gifted or donated partials add to the stash have a -1 point value.
Spinners - Use your own discretion when adding spun skeins to your stash.

Ready for another Stashbusting challenge? If you’re new to the challenge, welcome!

General Rules:

  • A new thread will be added each week to post scores.
  • Please post your scores by midnight on Saturday, so that the scorekeeper can pick them up. The scorekeeper will be tallying the scores and posting them on Sunday.
  • Please make your score easy to be seen. Large numbers and pretty colors really help.

Weekly Scores

  • First (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) will be noted on the scorekeeping list on Sunday, along with all the other scores.
  • If you have the largest negative total, you will receive the “Shoot the Moon” award. :rocket:
  • The “Shoot the Moon” winner from the previous week will be responsible for posting the scores the following week. Year-To-Date scores will be tallied & posted by @crosstitchlinda monthly.
  • NOTE: If the “Shoot the Moon” winner is not available to post the scores, please contact @crosstitchlinda as early as possible so that scores can be posted in a timely manner.
  • The scorekeeper should post by end of day, Sunday.

This is an on-going MAL. Feel free to join at any time!

Remember, this is just a way to keep us mindful to use our stash before buying more.

I do hope you’ll join us!

Hokay! I track my yarn usage by weight, not balls, skeins, hanks, cones, etc. How would I measure by usage according to the stashbuster MAL?

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I’m confused already. Everyone starts at zero but all skeins in your stash counts. Does that mean we would have to take inventory of what we have before participating?

If we make something and it uses up almost the whole skein, does that count as using it up or do we have to use the tiny scrap?

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@Majormomma and @lovestostitch Nice to see you both…I do hope you join in.

NO. You do not have to inventory your yarn. As you use up yarn you get (+) points. Negative points for adding to your inventory. (-)

If you use up almost a whole skein, I would count it as used up. I am not going to try to play another round of yarn chicken…lol.

The MAL was recently updated so that you can include Yardage as well.

@crosstitchlinda Hope I explained things correctly.

Yes you explained nicely.

Counting can be done by weight, length or skeins. The only one where yarn coming in counts against you is if you count by skeins. I’ll be on zoom today if you want to ask more questions.
@Majormomma and @lovestostitch

Here is a link to where I introduced the newer methods

I just looked at last week’s stashbuster results and I’m wondering how you compare grams, yardage and skeins to figure out the scores. If I have to take a turn at tallying the scores, I’ll be totally lost.

Each type is separate, so the skeins category is the only one with the gold/silver/bronze levels.

The yards and grams are just ranked by amount.

Also I can report the results if you don’t want to. If you are only reporting in yards, you won’t ever be a “shoot the moon” person and so won’t have to report results.